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Attack on Titan Tribute Game is (as the title suggests) is a fan made tribute to Attack on Titan. Developed by the talented Fenglee, it’s a fun game that pits agile humans and huge titans against each other in brutal and bloody combat.

Once you’ve completed the Tutorial (which is recommended) you can play as a variety of titans or humans in a mixture of maps in single or online multiplayer modes. Playing in single player is a blast, and great for learning the ropes, but multiplayer is where the real fun is.

Attack On Titan Tribute Game Technique

The titans are fun to mess around with, but it’s far more fun playing as the super-agile grappling hook swinging humans. The titans are pretty tough to bring down as they only have one weak spot – the back of the neck – which you must use your grappling hooks to climb up to. Hit the sweet spot and the titan will fall, but be careful – they can crush you into a bloody pulp in one mighty blow.

Still a work in progress, the Attack on Titan Tribute Game still has a few rough edges, but it’s still great fun swinging through maps and battling massive titans – especially if you’re a fan of the Manga series.


It’s recommended that you play through the Tutorial, as there are quite a few moves to master.

To exit the Tutorial press ‘P’ and quit to the main menu, then you’re free to choose your map and character. Buddyboss theme demo.

There are 3 different camera types to experiment with – we found ‘TPS’ to be the easiest to use.

Play the Alpha in a Unity Supported Browser HERE

Download the Alpha HERE (Slightly more fully featured than the Browser version)

Attack On Titan Tribute Game Website

Zip into the world of the popular anime “Attack on Titan” with this cute and fun game that sees you taking down the monstrous titans in a variety of settings.

Swing into action

Keep an eye on your gas as you work together with fellow players to take down the Titans

Download Attack On Titan Tribute Game

Attack on Titan is a big name anime about a country that’s protected by walls. These walls keep out strange man-eating creatures called Titans. One day, the wall is broken and Titans flood into the outer area of the country.

In AoTTG, you get the option of creating your own character or choosing to play as one of the main ones. The game has a cute, chibi style to the characters and Titans.

Areas in the game include the forest, Trost, and atop the wall where you face the horror of the Colossal Titan. The tallest in the series, the Colossal Titan is 200 feet tall and provides a challenging fight for players that have learned to control their 3-D Maneuver Gear.

Players can choose to control fan-favorites, such as Erin. His unique ability will turn him into a Titan just like in the anime. Levi, Petra, and Mikasa all have their signature moves where they spin ferociously, cutting through other Titans.

If you run out of gas, it’s easy to hop on a horse and run back to your spawn area. Don’t forget to signal for help with your flares.

Where can you run this program?

You play AoTTG in your browser, but there are versions available for download on alternative websites allowing you to play offline.

Is there a better alternative?

Yes, there are official AoT games available that play a lot better; however, those need to be purchased and have a traditional anime style. The charm of AoTTG lies in the art style.

Our take

Attack On Titan Tribute Game 2

AoTTG is a great fan-made game that honors its origins. It’s cute, fun and at times utterly terrifying when you’re about to be eaten.


Play Attack On Titan Tribute

Should you download it?

Yes, The game has a small community, but if played with a friend you’ll get hours of fun at zero cost.