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  • Even if i export as v2000 autocad dxf. And next step can be 'wow, that's great, but i want to move that hole a little bit'. Add changes and realize again: 'please, charge for files update to our software'. There are no such issues when i draw in AutoCAD or rework exported DXFs in autocad manually.
  • AutoCAD to EPS or Adobe Illustrator. Export sketches in AI, EPS, DXF format? Adobe Illustrator import to dgn. Adobe Illustrator - convert to dxf? Converting AutoCAD to Adobe Illustrator. Convert Dgn-file to a vector based EPS. 3 post. Page:1 of 1. All times are UTC.
  • Files created by AutoCAD are verified to increase the validation of the files. Software like the Autodesk DWG Trueview allows free usage but lacks the TrueConvert software. The free software allows users to view files while utilizing features like the measure and mark up, organization of sheet set and tracking their progress.
LTAutocad can create many types of file formats for use with other programs, much more than the very limited EXPORT

Then try exporting as a DXF. If they can open a DWG, then they should be able to open a DXF. Amazon photo storage desktop app. I used to use a program called CadMover by Kandu Software to move files between Illustrator and AutoCad. But with the newer versions of Illustrator and using the exporting options listed above I haven't needed it. Good luck to you, Danielle. What is a better way to export an AutoCAD file to Photoshop when you are not using a ctb file?PDF (if yes then why?)or EPS? (if yes then why?)I am working on a landscape drawing that has lots of lines. I don't have any ctb attached to it. I don't want to.

command many casual users search for answers. These are provided in the form of plotter drivers that you create and use with

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PLOT command.
The following is a tip to creating EPS

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files for import into graphics programs like Adobe's Photoshop and Illustrator programs:
  • At the command line, type PLOTTERMANAGER
  • Double click on Add-A-Plotter Wizard
  • Choose My Computer
  • Select Manufacturers: Adobe
  • Select Models: Postscript Level 1 Plus
  • Check the option to Plot to File
  • Name this new driver EPS
Now you can PLOT

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the drawing using this new EPS printer. Select the corresponding CTB or STB to control lineweight and linetype, and any other options in PLOT's window to get the exact output you need.◦

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