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Balsamiq Studios is an ISV founded in March 2008 by Peldi Guilizzoni,[1] a former Adobe senior software engineer.[2] The Web-based Balsamiq mockup tool was launched in June 2008.[3] Balsamiq has 33 employees[4] based in San Francisco, Sacramento, Chicago, Bologna, Paris, and Bremen.[5] In 2011, Balsamiq achieved almost $5 million USD in sales,[6] and $6.4 million USD in 2015.[7]

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Balsamiq Mockups - Exporting the Mockups. In this chapter, we will see how to put all the mockups of the project together and export them in PNG images or a PDF file. If you were to show the wireframe that you created to an end user/client, you obviously would want to show this wireframe in a more common format, for example, a PDF. Balsamiq Mockups. The Balsamiq Mockup, or Balsamiq Studios, is probably the best-known Web UI. Started in 2008, Balsamiq is the undisputed leader of the UI wireframing market. Your favorite apps and websites were very likely first designed with Balsamiq. We are bootstrapped, profitable, global, friendly, and 100% focussed on making our customers more awesome. We're good people, and we care. Over 500,000 Customers.

Balsamiq Wireframes[edit]

Balsamiq Wireframes
Developer(s)Balsamiq Studios, LLC
Stable release
4.0.18 (Windows) 4.0.16 (Mac OS X) / January 18, 2020; 15 months ago[8]
Operating systemWindows, macOS
As ofJanuary 2018
Balsamiq Mockups Web

Balsamiq Wireframes is a graphical user interface website wireframe builder application. It allows the designer to arrange pre-built widgets using a drag-and-dropWYSIWYG editor. The application is offered in a desktop version as well as a plug-in for Google Drive, Confluence and JIRA.

Versions for FogBugz and XWiki were offered until November 1, 2013.[citation needed]

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Balsamiq Mockups Download

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Balsamiq Mockups Web

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