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As we have mentioned before, if there’s one aspect where Apple’s App Store excels, it is in its variety. So it should come as no surprise that when it comes to alarm clock apps for your iPhone or other iOS device, the number of these that you can find is just staggering.

Sometimes the best app is the app you already have. The latest versions of iOS come with a handy little alarm clock and sleep tracker rolled into one — Bedtime.

Of course, while all this variety is great if you like to have as much choice as possible, it also makes it harder for you to find out which of these alarm clock apps are really the best ones. That’s why here’s we’ll show you not one, but three alarm clock apps that are all the best of their kind regardless if they are free or paid.

  • Used to be good I’ve had this app for years, but the past few months the alarm randomly doesn’t go off. Yes, I know how to use it, yes my volume is ON, yes my volume is UP, yes the alarm is SAVED, yes the app is OPEN all night as I use the clock and yes, I keep it UPDATED.
  • The best sleep tracking setup is the one that involves wearable and a companion iOS app. (although the best sleep tracking setup is no setup if you ask an Oriental.) There are some very good, high-grade sleep tracking apps that let you track not just your sleep but also other vital things like snoring, heart rate, and more.

Ready? Great.

Cool Tip:Alarm We have also covered some awesome online alarm clocks in the past. Android users may check these 2 useful alarm apps.

For Strict Ones: Shredder Alarm Clock

Labeled by its creator as a traditional alarm clock backed up with a conceptual wake up motivation system, Shredder Alarm Clock definitely earn points for originality and usefulness. Have you ever thought that alarm clock apps were simply not for you because it is just too easy to press the snooze button and continue sleeping? Well, Shredder Alarm Clock was made with just that in mind.

The gist of the app is that it provides you with a stock of “snooze minutes” that start running out every time you snooze it. The first 75 snooze minutes are free, but after that you will have to buy snooze minutes packs with prices that range from $0.99 for 30 minutes to $9.99 for up to 333 minutes.

Once you buy those snooze minutes, you will literally be losing money every time you press that snooze button. Now you understand where the “motivation system” comes into play, right?

For the Fans of Gestures: Rise

Hands-down, the best looking and most stylish alarm clock app for the iPhone, Rise ($0.99) offers a unique and intuitive interface that you control by swiping and sliding your finger. The top of the screen offers you the current time, while sliding your finger up and down the screen lets you adjust you alarm time. To turn your alarm on or off, swipe either left or right.

But the experience of Rise is not limited to its minimal aesthetics. It also offers a series of custom alarm sounds that are calm, and yet distinct enough to wake you up. Drupal downloads. And if you can’t sleep, Rise also allows you to create your own playlists for you to find it easier to do so.

The clock view is not necessary at all, but is definitely a nice touch.

For the Feature Freak: Nightstand Central Free

If looks, gestures or original features are not your thing, then Nightstand Central Free might be what you are looking for. This alarm clock app offers many nice, simple features while at the same time remaining straightforward.

With it you can schedule multiple alarms, each with its own music, change the app’s background wallpaper, check the weather, among others.

Best Free Apps For Iphone

There you go. Each of these alarm clock apps for iPhone offers a unique approach, but no matter which style you like the best, none of them will disappoint.

Do you know other great alarm clock apps for the iPhone? Let us know in the comments below.

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