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The only drawback to this early Japan-made Charvel Surfcaster being sold in Cincinatti is (sigh!) no Vibrato tailpiece. Other than that she is a real beauty. If you don't know about the Surfcaster do a Google search and you'll see they are a highly desirable guitar especially the earliest Japanese models with two lipstick pickups (like this one). The fit and finish on this model is beautiful and I'd expect it to play like butter.

The Charvel Surfcaster is a model of electric guitar designed and produced in the early 1990s by the Charvel/Jackson guitar company. The Surfcaster was manufactured in Japan at the Chushin Gakki factory as were all the import Charvel guitars in this era.1991 Charvel Import Guitars. Overview The original Charvel Surfcaster is distinguished by a bound semi-hollow offset body and a single cat's eye f-hole. A variety of lipstick and humbucker pickup combinations were available, with a JT-40 vibrato bridge and roller nut. The figured top is worth slightly more than plaintop models. Who can see my ip address. Vintage Guitar Oldenburg and Tobias Hoffmann present a Charvel Surfcaster from 1992, more infos at: Th.

But alas.. you can't play The Ventures (or Mr. Moto) without a Vibrato arm.

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Charvel Surfcaster - $550 (Cincinnati)

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I have a Charvel Surfcaster for sale with a hardshell vintage case. The guitar is in great shape with a few minor scratches from play. Never been on the road or been under heavy abuse. It is a model somewhere in the early 90s according to the serial number when they were made in Japan before they were moved to India and went to Sh**.

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