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  • CMake automatically found and verified the C and CUDA compilers and generated a makefile project. Note that the argument -DCMAKECUDAFLAGS='-arch=sm30' passes -arch=sm30 to nvcc, telling it to target the Kepler architecture (SM30 or Compute Capability 3.0) GPU in my computer.
  • I had no idea there was a FindThrust. But basically, if you need separable compilation, you need separable compilation:P. Just google it and read up more on it to find out why you need it.
  • The CUDA Toolkit search behavior uses the following order: 1. If the ``CUDA`` language has been enabled we will use the directory containing the compiler as the first search location for ``nvcc``.
  • I have a small cmake project that works perfectly well on Linux but fails on Windows 10 (I tried with two different computers) with the latest versions of cmake and CUDA 8. It finds CUDA just fine, but fails to find the libraries.
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In an attempt to ease porting of a CPU based library, I have chosen to use the GLM library as a dependency. We can use the CMake target_include_directories(my_target glm_include_path/) which allows nvcc to find the files during compilation and linking. CMake passes the proper includes to the compiler, and we can see that reflected in the CUDA C/C++ propertiesdialog within Visual Studio.

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However, Visual Studio’s IntelliSense will fail to find the included directories and will display errors reflecting this.


I was not able to find a way to configure CMake to specify the include directories for both CUDA and the host compiler.

Support was added in CMake 3.12 to override the default Visual Studio include directories usingthe CMAKE_VS_SDK_INCLUDE_DIRECTORIES variable. We can use this to override the default Visual Studio include directories. This will allow for usto set the Configuration Properties > VC++ Directories > Include Directories parameter, and will resolve the IntelliSense errors.

Here’s a snippet of my CMake script with my modifications to the Include Directories:

Hello CMake Community !

No Cuda Toolset Found

I just had the opportunity to update one of our Ubuntu 20.04 host at work with the last stable CMake snap (actually version 3.18.1) and have been surprised with an error during the build of our project, using Nvidia CUDA, saying that the property CUDA_ARCHITECTURES was not properly set.
Okay , than I looked in the documentation and saw that a new FindCUDAToolkit exists and decided to use it.
Except that CMake 3.18.1 doesn’t agree with me and gives me the following error :

Cmake Find Cuda Price

Finding this unbelievable, I searched for this .cmake file on the host and found it there :

Cmake Find Cuda Specific Version

So, the file exists, but I don’t understand why CMake doesn’t find it.
Does it only search for CMake Modules in the project’s root folder and /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/cmake/?
Do I really need to add the path manually to CMAKE_MODULE_PATH or is there a better/proper way to deal with this issue ?

Cmake Cuda Compiler

Thanks in advance for your information !
Best Regards !