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Command line C barcode reader for Windows, Linux, and macOS. yushulx/cmake. For example, the linux-x8664 tar file is all under the directory cmake–linux-x8664. This prefix can be removed as long as the share, bin, man and doc directories are moved relative to each other. To build the source distributions, unpack them with zip or tar and follow the instructions in README.rst at the top of the source tree.

CMake is a tool for defining and managing code builds, primarily for C++.

CMake is a cross-platform tool; the idea is to have a single definition of how the project is built - which translates into specific build definitions for any supported platform.

It accomplishes this by pairing with different platform-specific buildsystems; CMake is an intermediate step, that generates build input for different specific platforms. On Linux, CMake generates Makefiles; on Windows, it can generate Visual Studio projects, and so on.

Build behavior is defined in CMakeLists.txt files - one in every directory of the source code. Each directory's CMakeLists file defines what the buildsystem should do in that specific directory. It also defines which subdirectories CMake should handle as well.

Typical actions include:

  • Build a library or an executable out of some of the source files in this directory.
  • Add a filepath to the include-path used during build.
  • Define variables that the buildsystem will use in this directory, and in its subdirectories.
  • Generate a file, based on the specific build configuration.
  • Locate a library which is somewhere in the source tree.

The final CMakeLists files can be very clear and straightforward, because each is so limited in scope. Bitbucket markdown html. Each only handles as much of the build as is present in the current directory.

For official resources on CMake, see CMake's Documentation and Tutorial.


Before starting: Make sure you have the necessary folders and permissions — get more information.

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Cmake mac os

CMake is a cross-platform, open-source build system designed to build, test and package software. CMake is used to control the software compilation process using platform and compiler independent configuration files.

Get the Code

Switch to /usr/local/src and download the source package.

Extract the archive and move into the folder.

Compile and Install

Configure, compile and install into /usr/local/mac-dev-env/cmake-VERSION.

Create a symbolic link to /usr/local/cmake.


Cmake Windows

Execute the following lines to update your Bash startup script.

Load the new shell configurations.

Cmake Mac Command Line

Verify the Installation

Cmake Mac M1

Verify that you have successfully installed CMake.