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Xfinity Flex review: Comcast’s “free” streaming hardware/service combo is a work in progress It’s a clever customer-retention gambit, but neither the hardware nor the service is best in class. I get something like 40 channels for free through Comcast with my current condo. Am I able to connect that cable box to plex? I’ve seen people do it with an HD Homerun or similar and use an antenna, but can’t really figure out how the setup works. Right now I’m using a custom built computer for my plex server.

A woman (Tamra Spink) living in Northern Virginia has had to deal with a large cable running across her property that fell during a storm. It was a noticeably thick one carrying internet service to Comcast customers in the area. It spanned her entire yard and intruded into her neighbor’s yard as well.

One would think that a company like Comcast would be burning rubber to get there and make things right. Not only was she someone with a public opinion (that could sway against or for them), but a customer as well. The funny thing, however, is that it took Comcast over a month to make things right.

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Thankfully, Tamra seems to be a fun individual with a lot of patience (and a little skill in Photoshop too). Instead of calling the city, she took to her camera to capture herself and friends pretending to do random things with, on, over, or under the cable. Creating memes from the content and sharing them around the internet in hope that it will inspire someone to do something. You can see some of these above in the main image. Google suite file stream.

Comcast sent techs to verify it was theirs but then never did anything further about it. Until a local (Fox) news crew showed up to do a live interview. This led to the company showing up as they were leaving to quickly make right of the situation before the exposure could become anything worse than it already had. You can watch that coverage below.

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Sometimes a little bit of humor can go a long way and a little bit of press can make fallen cables disappear. A tip of the hat to Tamra for having such a great sense of humor.

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