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Endorphin Supplements. Besides exercise, a medicinal herb, Rhodiola rosea is known to release beta-endorphins in the brain. This herb is used as an anti-depressant, where Rosiridin is the. Jan 21, 2015 Endorphin Supplements. Besides exercise, a medicinal herb, Rhodiola rosea is known to release beta-endorphins in the brain. This herb is used as an anti-depressant, where Rosiridin is the. In common language, an “endorphin-high” is attributed to any euphoric feeling elicited from either physical or emotional challenge, pain, or stress. Frequently, the runner’s high experienced near the end of a long, challenging race is attributed to endorphin release and a composite surge of pain-relief peptides that block sensory receptors. The word endorphin derives from two words — endogenous (from within) and morphine (the main alkaloid of opium). Endorphins comprise a group of feel-good neurotransmitters that reduce pain, lessen the negative effects of stress, and keep the immune system running smoothly. The Daily Method. “Endorphinz has taken a timely step in advancing the solution for health clubs and studios of all types to provide fitness streaming to their audiences. This is a most valuable and complete service offered at a critical time.”.

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1. I am responsible for my own brain.
2. My brain evolved to promote survival, not to make me happy.
3. My happy chemicals are designed to do a job, not to flow all the time for no reason.
4. Happy chemicals pave neural pathways that turn them on faster in similar future…
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Habits of a Happy Brain

Retrain your brain to boost your serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin

Your happy chemicals are inherited from earlier mammals. When you know how they work in the state of nature, you can design sustainable ways to turn them on today. Here's a plan to do it in 45 days, tailored to your unique brain. You can free yourself of unwanted habits and find healthy ways to enjoy dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin and endorphin.

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Status Games

Why We Play and
How to Stop

People seek status because animals seek status, and we have inherited the brain system that does this. It rewards you with serotonin when you see a way to raise your status, and alarms you with cortisol when you see a threat to your status. When you understand these ups and downs, you can rewire them. Deadstorm pirates pc game download. This book makes it fun.

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Tame Your Anxiety

Rewiring Your Brain for

Anxiety is natural. Calm is learned. If you didn’t learn yesterday, you can learn today. Animals stay calm in a world of potential threats because they focus on their next step. Humans have a big cortex designed to anticipate threats. It terrifies your inner mammal. Instead, you can focus your big cortex on the joy of your next step. Here's how.

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14 Days to
Sustainable Happiness

A workbook for every brain


This step-by-step workbook helps you rewire your emotions fast. Without jargon or theory, you will discover your old happy habits and blaze new trails to your happy chemicals. You can replace any unsustainable habit with a new habit that you design. Your brain rewards you with good feelings once you step toward meeting your needs.

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The Science of Positivity

Stop negative thought patterns by changing your brain chemistry

Negativity is natural because our brain evolved to scan for threats. Past frustrations wired your brain to find new frustrations. You can rewire yourself to find positives to balance this natural negativity. You can do it in 6 weeks with just 3 minutes a day, no matter where you are in life. You will train your brain to find the good as skillfully as it now finds the bad.


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How I Escaped
Political Correctness

Endorphin Shift

And you can too

You care about the greater good,but you want to define it for yourself.Yet you fear ridicule, shunning and attack if you disagree with the politically correct view.So you find a way to conform, until one day you can’t. I was PC until the day I heard myself lie about a simple matter of fact because the truth didn’t sound progressive enough. I froze..

Endorphins Dolphins

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