Farming Simulator 19 Xbox One

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Farming Simulator 19, the latest entry in the unlikeliest successful gaming series to have existed, is here. If you’re playing Farming Simulator 19, you probably don’t need my help, you know what’s what, and how things go. Unless you’re new to the game or the series—in which case, this guide is for you.

Farming Simulator 19 Xbox One Controls

Home Furnishings. Dec 26, 2018 Enter Farming Simulator 19, the newest sequel with an onslaught of improvements and upgrades over the previous release, making farming one step closer to its reality counterpart. GIANTS Software is undoubtedly the king in this specific genre, as their Farming Simulator titles are the gold standard when it comes to true simulation gameplay. Farming Simulator 19 - Xbox One. This item is no longer available in new condition. See similar items below. The in-game icon for Cows. Cows are a type of Animal in Farming Simulator 19. Cow husbandry requires plenty of money to start, but at full efficiency it can provide a large amount of money every day for relatively little work. In Erlengrat map in new farmer mode startup comes 10 cows (5 black &.



  • Buy fields. The fields nearby being worked by AI players can be bought by you. I recommend you do so, however only after they have been planted and worked. You’ll have stored money by then, and you also get to reap the harvest without having to actually work it. Woot!
  • Weeding is paramount. You’re a farmer, weeding is absolutely necessary. Make sure to do this.
  • Lease machines. Early on, you can’t afford to buy machines, so just lease them. They’re more efficient and you get a better harvest.
  • But don’t ride on plants. It goes without saying, but this would kill them.
  • Free storage! You can’t buy storage at the beginning of the game, which is when you should look at storing your crops in the public silos you can find near railway tracks.

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That said, there are two ways of making a lot of money in this game: a legitimate way, and a way that’s basically you cheating. Let’s look at them both:

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  • Go to the farmingsimulator2019/savegame1 directory, and then open farms.xml file.
  • Ctrl+F “Money”. You will find an entry that says “money=1000”. You can replace that number with any amount, save and exit, and the next time you load the game, you will have that amount of money (for instance, if you change the entry to “money=100000”, you will have $100,000 the next time you load your save file).

Farming Simulator 19 Xbox One Controls

Do it the proper way

Farming Simulator 19 Xbox One Horses

  • Buy a timber lorry. These cost money, so you have to wait until you have some to start your legitimate farming empire.
  • In Felsbrunn, as well as anywhere else on the map, chop down the trees and bring back the timber every day. You’ll earn money on an ongoing basis for doing so.