Foscam Ip Camera Tool For Mac 10.12.4

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At OWLR, we chose to simplify using a camera viewer by removing the visual cruft and making your life easier by giving you a simple, safe and secure Foscam viewing app for your pleasure.

Key Features

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  2. Software and downloads for all Foscam products. IP Camera Tool; Software Widget For FHC790 & FHC994; CD Contents For FHC51.
Foscam ip camera client download
  • Automatic camera discovery
  • Simple, easy and friendly controls
  • iPad and iPad Pro Support
  • Pan/Tilt/Zoom controls
  • Two-way Audio Support (when available)
  • Zero Knowledge Security (we never see your passwords)

For Mac - Older H.264 Cameras (FI9820W, FI8608W, FI8602W etc.): IP Camera Tool Mac - Old H.264. Foscam Cloud Support. Adding Cameras To Foscam Cloud. Recording Videos To Foscam Cloud Using HD Cameras. Browser Plugins/Addons. All Browser Plugins/Addons.

Easy Setup

For each camera, you go from Setup to Viewing in under a minute, even without technical experience or knowledge about IP cameras

Hassle Free Camera Discovery

OWLR’s Autodiscover detects supported network cameras in seconds. With Autodiscover, you never need to remember an IP address again!

Viewing Is Fast And Easy

We get rid of the extra buttons and just show your the video! With the OWLR Viewer apps, you enjoy watching your cameras without distraction!

Password is Only With YOU

Unlike other apps, OWLR leaves the camera password in your hands, not our servers. This makes your camera even more safe and secure.

Amazing Support

When you do run into trouble, OWLR’s support team is ready to troubleshoot and solve any difficulties you may encounter.

List of Supported Foscam Cameras

We are constantly working on expanding the range of Foscam cameras that work with OWLR!

Something wrong with our apps?

Experiencing a problem with the app or have an idea on how to improve our product? Tell us!

We are not so precious to think that our apps are perfect. Our team wants your feedback and love to hear from you. Twisted truths pdf free download version.


Our Customer Support section offers FAQs, details on our future features and product directions. Just click and go!

Configuration tools are important when it comes to setting up, owning and managing a security camera system. These tools are especially useful when it comes to configuring IP security camera systems. This includes configuring recorders such as NVRs, DVRs, and XVRs for a network to set up remote viewing. In the article below we show how to install and use the Config Tool for various useful functions. There are more things you can do with the Config Tool but they are advanced and usually unnecessary. We even use the software on a day to day basis to test and prepare equipment for our customers.

Here's a list of functions we describe below.

Ip Camera Tool Download

1. How to install the Config Tool software

In the video below we show how to install the Config Tool software. The Config Tool software is available for download by clicking this link. Download the software to a common folder such as the Desktop or Downloads folder. Extract the file from the zip folder and double click the .exe file. After you’ve extracted the file you can watch our video below to learn how to install the software.

How to install the Config Tool

2) How to find cameras and recorders on the network

The first step to use the Config Tool software after installing it is searching the local network. The software can scan a network for devices sold by CCTV Camera World. If the network is a non-standard network then the search setting option can be used to scan other networks. Watch the video below to learn more about using the Config Tool to scan a network.

3) How to initialize IP cameras

Rarely an IP camera might be sent with factory default settings by our technicians and need to be initialized. Or our support team may suggest a factory reset to fix a setting or after applying new firmware. Either way any cameras that are in default mode need to be initialized before they can be used. In the video below we show how to initialize a camera using the Config Tool software. Previously a customer would have to login to their camera manually, this software makes it very easy to initialize a camera or many cameras at the same time.

How to initialize an IP Camera using the Config Tool

4) How to to change the IP address cameras, NVR, DVR

One of the most common uses of the Config Tool software is the ability to change the IP address of equipment without logging into it manually. The Config Tool offers the easiest way to change IP addresses on any device whether it’s an IP camera, NVR, or DVR. In the following video we show how to change the IP address of any device sold by CCTV Camera World. The important step that is often missed is changing the search settings to the proper username and password. Without the correct login information the Config Tool cannot change the IP address of the equipment.

Foscam Ip Camera Tool For Mac 10.12.4 High Sierra

5) How to update firmware using the Config Tool

Last but not least, the next most common use of the Config Tool is using it to upgrade firmware. We rarely recommend upgrading firmware on any of our equipment. As the saying goes, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. However, from time to time our support department may provide our customers with a firmware update. The video below shows how to take that firmware update file and push it to an NVR. Always make sure that the firmware file is not in a zip folder before trying to upload it.

** Warning only use firmware provided by CCTV Camera World. Use of firmware obtained elsewhere will void the warranty of the device