How To Use Dedrm Tool For Mac Kindle App

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Directly DeDRM the books from Kindle app in your Android cellphone and tablet. To use this tool to remove DRM from Kindle for Android, you need to satisfy the following conditions: 1) Your android devices are rooted.

  1. Some ebooks I get from Kindle are in KFX format, and when I use DeDRM plugin to remove the DRM, it fails. If the book are in KFX format, you have to installed the KFX Input plugin that help Calibre handle this format. Also, you’ll need to use Kindle for PC 1.26 or earlier. See this post on how to remove DRM from Kindle KFX Files.
  2. Version 2.8 of this Applecript application is available in the large “tools” archive linked to at the end of the main blog. Instructions for Use. Download the latest tools zip archive, unzip it by double-clicking, and open the DeDRMforMacandWin folder. Unzip by double-clicking it.
  3. Feb 27, 2014 This application is a stand-alone application for Mac OS X users. Drag the '' application from the DeDRMMacintoshApplication folder to your Desktop (or your Applications Folder, or anywhere else you find convenient).

Github Repository:

Hold me tight sue johnson pdf free download. This is a repository of all the scripts and other tools for removing DRM from ebooks that I could find, committed in date order as best as I could manage. (Except for the Requiem tools for Apple's iBooks, and Convert LIT for Microsoft's .lit ebooks.)

Mostly it tracks the tools releases by Apprentice Alf, athough it also includes the individual tools and their histories from before Alf had a blog.

Users should download the latest zip archive. Developers might be interested in forking the repository, as it contains unzipped versions of those tools that are zipped, and text versions of the AppleScripts, to make the changes over time easier to follow.

For the latest Amazon KFX format, users of the calibre plugin should also install the KFX Input plugin from the standard calibre plugin menu. It's also available from the MobileRead thread here:

I welcome contributions from others to improve these tools, from expanding the range of books handled, improving key retrieval, to just general bug fixes, speed improvements and UI enhancements.

I urge people to read the FAQs. But to cover the most common: Use ADE 2.0.1 to be sure not to get the new DRM scheme that these tools can't handle. Use Kindle for Mac/PC 1.24 or earlier, the tools don't currently work with 1.25 or later. Do remember to unzip the downloaded archive to get the plugin. You can't load the whole archive into calibre.

My special thanks to all those developers who have done the hard work of reverse engineering to provide the initial tools.

Apprentice Harper.

Amazon Kindle’s ecosystem lets you buy an ebook and begin reading seconds after purchasing it. However, as most of Amazon’s book are DRM-protected, you cannot make a backup of your library or convert your books´ format to read them on another platform. Companies come and go, and even if Amazon’s is here for the long run, it’s policies regarding how you can access the content your paid for may change in the future.


Using a Kindle app version prior to 1.26 On Windows or MacOs, you can use Calibre with Aprentice Alf’s DeDRM plugin to convert the books from your Kindle app on your computer to a DRM-free format. The plugin automatically extracts the necessary key the Kindle app uses to encrypt your books and makes the process transparent.

On Linux, you can use Wine to install the Kindle app. However, the DeDRM plugin doesn’t extract the decryption key automatically. To extract the key, you need to install Python and PyCrypto in Wine and run manually. Once you have the key, you can import it into Calibre using the DeDRM plugin.

I’ve tested the setup using Ubuntu 20.04.

  1. Install Calibre for Linux.

  2. Download Aprentice Alf’s DeDRM tools. Uncompress the file, open Calibre and install the DeDRM plugin.

  3. Uncompress the DeDRM plugin file ( and verify that there’s a file named

  4. Install wine:

  1. Search on Google for the Kindle app for Windows. You need version 1.26 or earlier. Install it using wine:

Run the Kindle app and register it with your Amazon account. You should be able to access your Kindle library without problems.

  1. Download the most recent version of Python 2.7 for Windows from Install it using wine:

Amazon Kindle App For Mac

  1. Download a Windows installer for PyCrypto for Python 2.7. Install it using wine. (If you installed a 32-bit version of Python, use a 32-bit version of Pycrypto.)
  1. In the Linux terminal, naviagate to the folder where your file resides. Then open a Windows shell using wine, and run

Kindle For Mac App


How To Use Dedrm Tool For Mac Kindle Apps

  1. You should now have a file named kindlekey1.k4i in your directory. Open Calibre, click on the Preferences button. Navigate to Plugins/File Type. Locate the DeDRM plugin, and click the ‘Customize Plugin’ button and then click on Kindle for Mac/PC ebooks. Import the key into the DeDRM plugin and restart Calibre.

  2. Locate your books inside the wine installation. Wine stores the Windows installation under ~/.wine. The Kindle books are usually located in ~/.wine/drive_c/users/[your username]/My Documents/My Kindle Content.` I suggest you create a link to your Linux home directory.

You can now import books from your Kindle directory into Calibre, and make a DRM-free backup copy.

Disclaimer: This instructions are intended for making a backup copy of your Kindle library, my intention is not to encourage piracy in any way.