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Recommended CRT TV Repair Ebook by Humphrey Kimathi

Here is the latest Ebook by Kent Liew on LCD/LED TV Repair tips. This is the version 3 ebook and has many solid information especially on the T-con board repair. Make sure you check out his new Ebook by clicking on the photo below. LED LCD TV Repair Book PDF Free Download Hello and Welcome guys to PakTechnicians. In today’s topic, we are going to share with you the BEST COLLECTION of LED LCD TV Repair Book PDF Free Download. It’s the best gift for our visitors. These led tv repair pdf eBooks can change your life. 8/30/2017 - LCD & LED TV Repair Tips-Training Manual & Repair Guide 10/18 No, you only pay once and enjoy the benefit as a member to download the monthly latest LCD TV repair information that you are going to receive every month of the year.

CRT Television repair course is an E book covering all the major building blocks in CRT Television with emphasis given to real life scenario from the technician work bench and therefore provide a very good starting point for new students in electronics and also a reference book for those already in the field.

The book is divided into two parts:

Part one:is composed of 18 chapters of the major circuit blocks in CRT TV and explains basic functions and common problems associated with these blocks.

Part Two:is composed of 10 chapters of pure real life repair histories from the technician work bench.

The book is illustrated with numerous color photos to make the reader learn faster and get the concept pretty fast.

Every Chapter is hyperlinked to the list of content for easy navigation within the book for those who decide to read the book directly from the computer screen.

List of Content

Chapter 1: Introduction to Television Repair Career

Chapter 2: Component found in the Power supply (S.M.P.S)

Chapter 3: Understanding S.M.P.S sub units

Chapter 4: Solving power supply problems (s.m.p.s) using control IC.

Chapter 5: Solving power supply problem for Television using transistor instead of control IC.

Chapter 6: Understanding the Secondary power supplies

Chapter 7: Main power fuse keep on blowing

Chapter 8: Do it yourself series lamp current limiter

Chapter 9: Using the series bulb for find shorted component on the primary supply

Chapter 10: Understanding the Horizontal circuits

Chapter 11: understanding fly back transformer

Chapter 12: H.O.T getting shorted after replacement

Chapter 13: Understanding and troubleshooting Color problems

Chapter 14: Understanding and troubleshooting Vertical circuit

Chapter 15: Understanding and troubleshooting the Audio circuit

Chapter 16: Understanding and troubleshooting the Tuner circuit

Chapter 17: Understanding and troubleshooting the micro processor

Chapter 18: Understanding and troubleshooting the remote control

Real life repair histories

Led Tv Repair Books Free Download Pdf File

Chapter 19: LG Television NO Picture- Audio OK blue background

Chapter 20: Panasonic TV model TC-14E1T with intermittent single horizontal line (blue)

Chapter 21: Gold star TV vertical partially closed

Chapter 22: Samsung Television dead

Chapter 23: JVC 14' DEAD after a voltage surge from a Generator

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Chapter 24: GLD TV Field Collapse with a single horizontal line

Chapter 25: JVC Television Dead 21”

Led Tv Repair Books Free Download Pdf

Chapter 26: china TV with No Power symptoms

Chapter 27: Sony TV 1902 GE.NO Picture NO sound only screen display i.e. channel Number

Chapter 28: Conclusion

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Led Tv Repair Books Free Download Pdf Download

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Led Tv Repair Books Free Download Pdf Version

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