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Online Lutheran Bible Study. Online Lutheran Bible Study. Home Bible Studies Bible Notes Divine Service/Liturgy. Bible Notes Divine Service/Liturgy DELTO/CE Notes Bible Introduction Notes Miscellaneous Old Testament Theology This page contains links to Concordia Commentary notes and other Bible notes. Notes from Concordia Commentary on. Sep 07, 2013 Advanced Bible History came out from CPH in 1936 by A.C. It was for use in parochial and Sunday schools, as well as in the home. It is an updating of the 1918 Comprehensive Bible History. Stellhorn was most famous for this work, along with Schools of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod and other educational aids. This was the standard.

The courses taught at the Summer Institute of Theology are some of the best evangelical Biblical Lutheran courses available. The following Free Lutheran Seminary (FLS) courses have been recorded because of our desire to distribute sound Biblical and theological education throughout the world.

Below you can see the instructors and the courses that are available.
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Dr. Francis Monseth was a professor of Systematic Theology at FLS. He joined the faculty in 1971 and was elected as the Dean of the Seminary in 1981. His courses seek to ground students in the Word of God and its application to our lives and ministry.

The Doctrine of Salvation is a Biblical study on the 'Order of Salvation', the nature of conversion, and justification by grace alone. The goal is to realize a greater effectiveness in presenting 'so great a salvation' in preaching, teaching, and personal evangelism. An emphasis is placed on 'experienced salvation' as understood in Lutheran pietism.

The ten class hours is a Biblical study of the nature of the Lord's Supper with special attention to the 'Real Presence' of Christ, the assurance of the forgiveness of sins, and the 'worthy' recipients of this sacrament. The spiritual nature of the Lord's Supper for Christian life and work is also treated in application to the strengthening received for preaching the Gospel in all the world. Consideration is given to the distinctive heritage of the AFLC in regard to special concerns in the administration of the Lord's Supper.

This ten hour course is a study of the Biblical doctrine of the Church with its foundation in Christ and its consequent nature and resources because of that relationship. In light of the polity and structure of the New Testament congregation, the God-given purposes of the congregation will be observed in their dependence for fulfillment upon the ministry of the Holy Spirit through the Means of Grace, Word and Sacraments. These purposes include evangelizing unbelievers and building up the Body of Christ.

A biblical study of the Second Coming of Christ and related themes in the prophetic Word. Emphasis also on the accompanying call to the Church for personal and corporate holiness as well as urgency in proclaiming the Gospel to lost and dying eternal souls.

The ten class hours study the doctrinal contents of the ancient creeds and the Lutheran confessions of the 16th century with special attention given to the Augsburg Confession and Small Catechism. Consideration will be given to the historical and theological setting of the confessions and the meaning of subscription to them.

Pastor Robert Lee is a professor of Church History and has served in this capacity for 12 years. He has also served the AFLC as president for 15 years. Pastor Lee is well known for telling history as a flowing narrative. His love for the Lord and for people are the two things that would come before his love for history and books.

The ten class hours investigate the varieties of Lutheran Pietism with an emphasis upon the most Biblical manifestations in the history of the Church. Pietism's historical roots, its theological emphasis, and its unique characteristics are also studied. Evaluation of its various forms in the light of Scripture is included with an endeavor to make application of the most positive contributions to the 21st century church. Among those contributions was a renewed commitment to missions, preaching the Gospel in all the world.

This course surveys the history of Lutheranism in America with special attention given to the theological roots of the several Lutheran church bodies as well as their relationship to each other today. Of special interest in the course will be a consideration of Lutheranism in America presently in terms of faithfulness to 'the sure prophetic Word.'

This course will study movements of spiritual awakening, with special attention to their role in th formation of the historical anecedents of the AFLC. Consideration will also be given to practical lessons that can be gleaned from the past revival history.

With a view to build up the Body of Christ, this ten hour course includes a consideration of Biblical and practical principles related to the pastor as 'servant-leader' in the congregation as well as his role in the administration of ministry programs and business aspects related to the local church. The course includes basic instruction in church finances, organizational structure, congregational meetings, legal and ethical issues, and church facility maintenance and development.

Pastor Phil Haugen has taught New Testament at FLS and Seminary for 27 years. A humble Greek scholar, the course available on Galatians emphasizes the need for a living faith in Christ and the reality of the spiritual struggle in one’s walk in the Christian life.

This ten hour course will focus on the essence and application of the Gospel of God's grace in Christ as set forth by the Apostle Paul. In addition to the study of 'so great a salvation,' there will be discussion of the Christian life in terms of the 'fruits of the Spirit' flowing from a living faith in Christ as well as the reality of spiritual struggle in one's walk with the Lord.

The ten class hours give a brief introduction to the Gospel engaging such issues as authorship, structure, chronology, etc. This is followed by numerous textual studies from the first three chapters of the gospel.

Narrative Ot Theology Notes Online Lutheran Bible Study


Pastor Jerry Moan has been a professor of New Testament for 14 years. Walking through the Biblical texts thoroughly with well-considered conclusions, he also seeks to acquaint his students with alternative views on the subjects he treats.

The ten class hours will include a brief introduction to the Gospel of Mark and its distinctive features as one of the Synoptic Gospels. The structure of the book is considered along with its special themes. Attention is given to some of the main interpretive issues of the book. Of chief interest is the exegesis and application of selected passages including several of the pericope texts, among them the commission of our Lord to be engaged in preaching the Gospel in all the world.

This is a study of the biblical components of corporate worship within the context of the Lutheran Church generally and the AFLC specifically. Emphasis is placed on the nature of worship in its biblical context.

In this 10 hour course, the superiority of Jesus Christ, the primary theme of the epistle, will be closely observed. It will be noted how the epistle demonstrates conclusively that Christ has fulfilled the requirements of the Law for every person and has provided access to God through a 'new and living way' - His atoning death on the cross. The doctrine of the security of the believer in light of the danger of apostasy also will be probed in concert with the pressing need for building up the Body of Christ.

The ten class hours are a study of the main themes of the Book of Revelation including the centrality of Christ, the course will also consider the importance of principles of interpretation which lead to an understanding of its contents that honors the Holy Spirit's purposes in inspiring the Apostle John to pen this 'sure prophetic Word.'

Pastor Jerry Holmaas was a professor of Old Testament at FLS for fourteen years. His teaching style has a light-hearted spirit as he brings to life the message of the prophets of old and makes application to his students.

The ten class hours in this study of 'the sure prophetic Word' look at the twelve books of the 'minor prophets'. The prophetic books are surveyed with special consideration given to selected themes and texts. The vital place of these prophetic books in the Old Testament canon will also be emphasized.

Pastor Marty Horn has a passion for the Word of God and an excellent eye for detail. He has taught several courses for the FLS as a part-time instructor.

The ten class hours follow the central theme of 'Covenant Faithfulness' throughout the text as select passages are discussed. The lectures will also focus on other themes of Biblical theology as they are developed within Joshua including the promised land inheritance, rest, holy war and the presence of God.

Dr. Ray Ballmann is a pastor in and justice of the peace from Bosque County, TX. He has been a writer for home school curriculum and a board member of the Texas Home School Association. Dr. Ballmann presents a Biblical perspective on persecution as well as current information from Voice of the Martyrs.
Col. John Eidsmoe is a retired Air Force Lt. Colonel and Alabama State Defense Force Colonel, Headquarters Judge Advocate, Deputy Chaplain and Training Officer. He is Professor Emeritus of Constitutional Law Emeritus at the Thomas Goode Jones School of Law in Montgomery, Alabama. He is an ordained pastor with the Association of Free Lutheran Congregations and a constitutional attorney who has defended home schools.

This 10 hour course will focus upon the Ten Commandments in terms of their origin, their meaning, and their application today including their impact upon the foundation of modern theological and legal traditions. An examination of the Law/Gospel distinction as uniquely emphasized in Lutheran theology with an application to Biblical faithfulness in preaching and teaching, will be emphasized, all with the prayerful aim of building up the Body of Christ.

Mr. Andrew Hanson is the music director for FLS. His love for worship to the Lord is evident as he leads the class.

This is a study of the biblical components of corporate worship within the context of the Lutheran Church generally and the AFLC specifically. Emphasis is placed on the nature of worship in its biblical context. Ds418 plex system.

The distribution of these Summer Institute Courses is done by the permission of the Board of Trustees and each instructor for each course. The courses are offered:

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  • Through the Ambassador Institute to international church bodies for the training of their pastors and church leaders.
  • Nationally as a spiritual encouragement and an opportunity for individuals and churches to grow in the Lord. Courses can be taken for credit in the U.S. through attendance at the Summer Institute of Theology.