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  1. An iPhone factory reset wipe all your information and settings on the phone. It can help you resolve some system issues when the device or protect your privacy when you want to sell your device. You should backup your data if possible before doing a factory reset. Follow steps belows to fix your iphone: 1.
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The job of a mobile phone repair technician is one such job. If you are planning to make a career in this field, you could always seek for free resources over the internet along with the training. Hence, we have compiled a list of websites and resources to learn mobile phone repair online for free.

Looking for iPhone boardviews that FlexBV can read? Have a look over at BadCaps (Registration probably required to download). FlexBV R1115 onwards can read these files fairly well, though some are missing data, but that's not FlexBV's fault.

You can find additional boards and schematics by googling for the board code and 'boardview' eg 820-00165 boardview

Note: Boardviews and schematics are intellectual property owned by the respective parties, as such it is not legal to distribute them with FlexBV any more than it would be to distribute SpaceX raptor engine plans with AutoCAD (no matter how impressive that would be).

FlexBV is designed to be a multiformat usage boardview application that can accept files from many different sources.

FlexBV interlinks boardviews and schematics saving you the hassle of manually cross-referencing, to provide a smoother repair process, leaving you to keep your mind focused on finding the fault.

'Switching to FlexBV will recoup the cost of its licence within a single business day'

Previously most boards only required schematics to assist with repairs, the parts were labelled on the PCB silkscreen and the board was the literal boardview. Over time with increasing part densities silk screening became impractical and now frequently non-existent on devices such as Macbook and iPhone boards.

To faciliate locating and identifying parts, boardview files are now generated; a modern replacement for the silkscreen layer of past with the immediate advantage of being able to locate the part quickly instead of manual visual searching.

FlexBV ties together the logical schematic representation and the new boardview files, in to a visual cross referenced system making it extremely easy to see the correlation between the schematic, parts, nets and board

  • You're a professional repair agent who performs board level electronics repairs on devices with access to boardviews and schematics
  • You're part of an assembly or rework team with an in-house, or contracted system
  • You currently use OpenBoardView, or Landrex but want the PDF cross referencing
  • FlexBV is licenced on a per concurrent user model, meaning you can have it installed on multiple machines, but only one in use at any given time
  • FlexBV costs $139 USD per licence and is a perpetual licence of the last validily downloaded version within 2 years of the original purchase
  • Direct email support for 3 months, after which community based forum support
  • FlexBV upgrades after 2 years can be purchased at a discounted rate for existing licence holders
FlexBV supports numerous boardview formats so that you can diagnose & repair existing machines and boards.
With FlexBV's support of Fabmaster (FAB), Hyperlynx (HYP), Altium Designer / Protel (PCB/PCBDoc), IPC-D-356(A), BVR / BVRe, and GenCAD (CAD), you can provide boardview files for support agents without having to release the full intellectual property or propriatory design details contained within your master files. EaglePCB, KiCAD, OrCAD and Altium all support export to at least one of the formats that FlexBV will read. More formats are constantly being added!

Cost$139 USD, with 2 years of free updatesN/AN/A
Licence typePer concurrent seat licence, perpetualClosedOpen Source
Support3 months direct email, followed by perpetual forum based community supportNoneGithub Issues
Internet connectivity required?NoNoNo
Cross Platform (Windows, macOS, Linux)YesNoYes
Supported file formats, bdv, cst, asc, bvr, bvr2, bvre, cad, , fab, hyp, , , IPC-D-356[A]brd1brd1, bdv, cst, asc, bvr, bvr2, cad,
Board AnnotationsYesNoYes
Open Source ContributorYesNoYes
PDF Cross ReferencingYesNoNo
Eagle PCB export / Fabmaster supportYesNoNo
Hyperlynx supportYesNoNo
Part FinderYesNoNo
Job trackingYesNoNo
PCB Theme EngineYesNoNo
  • Supported operating systems
    • Windows 7, 8 and 10
    • macOS Yosemite (10.10) or more recent (Retina mode supported)
    • macOS on the new Mac M1 systems (via Rosetta 2)
    • Linux Ubuntu 16.04 or more recent
  • Perpetual ownership licence; your downloaded copy will not expire
  • No internet connectivity required; maintain your security!
  • No installation required; run directly from the unpacked download
  • Forum and email support available

Your licence information will be provided immediately after the successful purchase. Take note of the licence data on the receipt page, a copy will also be emailed to your PayPal email address. If you have not received your licence and download information within five (5) minutes, please check your spam folder, if still not there then email us.

  1. No Schematics or boardviews are supplied with FlexBV - it is a tool used to work with your own existing files
  2. All sales are final, no refunds!
    If you are unsure, trial OpenBoardViewbefore you purchase FlexBV
  3. If you do not like these policies then please do not purchase this software

After paying for the licence, you should be returned to the success page and be provided with your licence information. Additionally a copy of the licence information will be emailed to your PayPal email address.

In order to purchase, we need to validate that you understand the terms and conditions and what is provided when you purchase a licence of FlexBV.

Step 1: Answer the question 'Does FlexBV come with boardviews & schematics?'

Step 2: Agree to the terms & conditions of the purchase/sale
By ticking this checkbox I agree to the terms of this purchase agreement (items 1, 2 and 3).
Step 3:FlexBV $139 USD
Step 4: Your licence will be emailed to you instantly. Check your spam folder!

NOTE: if your PayPal email address is different to the one you register with, please contact us with your preferred email and quote your TXN_ID after purchase How to fade a picture in word document.

Nowadays, it takes a lot of time and money to get into a technical field and land a job. However, if you aren’t good at academia or you don’t want to spend so much time and money, you might want to try other avenues. Jobs like being an auto mechanic, or a lab technician just require learning a few basic concepts that you can learn through short or medium-term courses without spending too much.

The job of a mobile phone repair technician is one such job. If you are planning to make a career in this field, you could always seek for free resources over the internet along with the training. Hence, we have compiled a list of websites and resources to learn mobile phone repair online for free.

Phone Repair Flexbv Torrents

One of the best ways to learn mobile phone repair is to go through the several websites that are already teaching it. The advantage of this is you get lots of knowledge and learn various tricks without really spending anything If you want, you could join a training institute as well. Either way, these are skills that you also learn on the job. The resources below will help you get a head start on the training at no cost.

Best Websites To Learn Mobile Repairing Online For Free

1. is one of the most renowned website in this field. It has a vast section where you can learn how to fix cell phones as well as almost every other electronic device and cars too. The guides are extremely comprehensive and made systematically.

They have step by step pictures and videos accompanying the instructions. The guides have been well categorized and are very easy to browse through.

They are pioneers of the right to repair movement, a concept which encourages and allows consumers to repair their own electronic and mechanical devices themselves.

2. Cellphonerepairtutorials is another website that you can learn cell phone repair from. Though not as well designed or updated as ifixit, this website has a lot of important posts and tutorials on how to troubleshoot various problems occurring in mobile phones.

They have some of the best tutorials to learn the basics of cell phone repair. Hence it is one of the few websites every beginner should browse to learn.


There are many tech enthusiasts out there who love to repair cell phones and maintain a blog to help others out there do the same. These blogs are a great resource to understand how mobile phones work and how to repair them.

Phone Repair Flexbv Torrent is a great example for one such blog. It has a lot of guides, tutorial and tips on how to repair cell phones. There are many articles that will increase your knowledge and interest in the field.


Vkrepair is another great blog updated frequently and great for people who want to learn how to repair mobile phones. To be precise, it is perfect for people who want to fix apple products since this blog talks mostly about those problems. There are a many interesting articles and repair guides on this website.


Phone Repair Flexbv Torrent Download

Another great website to learn mobile repairing is All the articles in this website have been properly organized and indexed. You can easily browse through them and start learning how to fix your own mobile phone or those of others.

It is important for both senior and junior technicians to keep visiting websites, forums and blogs to keep them updated with latest mobile phone repair trends and techniques.

6. GSM Forum

A great place to look for information online is always forums. Here you can post a question and several members will reply to your questions with different approaches to the problem.

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There are several forums related to cell phone repair. is the oldest and the biggest among them where cell phone repair technicians from all over the world share their problems as well as solutions. It is one of the best forums related to cell phone repair.

It is very neatly organized, and it is very easy to find anything you want through the search bar. Moreover, most of the threads have been answered and all the threads are properly moderated and regularly updated.

7. REWA Technology

REWA technology is another great channel to search for mobile phone repair solutions. Though there are no English audio instructions, the subtitles are more than enough to understand how repairs are carried out.

It generally deals with flagship phones, which is kind of a downside. But otherwise, it also has a range of videos with reviews about various technology used in the field.

8. Youtube

YouTube is one of the greatest resources to learn almost anything. There are several video tutorials about almost every technique on mobile phone repair in Youtube. The best part about this is that you don’t need to pay anything to view these videos.

You will find several channels related to cell phone repair. Go Cell Phone repair is a great example with over 350 videos on the topic. The instructions are clear, and you are also told which tools you need to use.

There are also occasional videos to discuss the new technological developments in the industry and to chat with fellow technicians.

And Of Course Prizm Institute’s Blog…

Prizm Institute’s blog also provides valuable tips on cell phone repair. Do keep visiting our blog for some awesome news, tips and tutorials.

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At the end of the day, the easiest way to learn such a practical skill is to learn by doing. That is why it is important to try and fix your own phone or those of others. Just remember not to wreck a perfectly working phone.

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Try to identify the problem and use the above resources to find the solution. As you fix more and more problems, you will start to get the hang of it. Remember, practice makes you perfect. So, don’t wait around too long; try fixing your first phone now.

Note: A formal training under an instructor is the best way to learn a skill. We have compiled this list for do-it-yourselfers who want to carry out basic repairs as well as beginners and amateurs who wish to enhance their knowledge. If you wish to learn mobile phone repairing professionally and be a professional technician, you can join our mobile repairing course and be a technician yourself

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