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Title: Rubik's Cube 3x3 Solution Guide Author: Seven Towns Ltd Created Date: 10/4/2010 5:13:46 PM.

The Megaminx, previously called as Hungarian Supernova was patented by Uwe Mèffert. It is a dodecahedron-shaped face-turning twisty puzzle which is very similar to the classic Rubik’s Cube. The solution is almost the same, just a few new algorithms come in when you reach the last layer, so if you’re familiar with the classic 3x3x3 Cube then you won't have problems solving the Megaminx either.

There are many variations but the most common version has 12 different colors, having 11 pieces in a star-pattern arrangement on each face with five corner pieces, five edge pieces and a fixed center piece. It has a total of 50 separate pieces.

The Megaminx is an official WCA competition event. The World Record is held by the Korean Yu Da-Hyun with a 33.17s result.

On the image above a white and a black-body Megaminx is accompanied by their smaller brother, the 2x2 Kilominx (Flowerminx), a dodecahedron-shaped Rubik's Cube shape mod and a 3x3 cube. The bigger dodecahedrons are called Gigaminx, Teraminx, Petaminx, Zettaminx, all the way up to the record-breaking Yottaminx (image below).

  1. Rubik's Cube Rubic Cube Rubik Puzzle Rubik Solution Rubik's Snake Mail me at Only the 2 free. An illustrated beginner's guide to solving the 3x3 rubik's cube with fun. The Internal Auditing Handbook Free. Rubik Cube Solution For Beginners PDF. Optimal solutions for Rubik's Cube refer to solutions that are the shortest.
  2. Nov 1, 2020 - Hello friends you clicked the best tutorial of 3.3 rubiks cube on youtube.In this video I will teach you how to solve a rubik's cube and after watching this.

Solution of the Megaminx

To solve the Megaminx first you need to know how to solve the Rubik's Cube because the methods of the two puzzles are very similar. There are a few steps where you might get stuck but the algorithms below will help you go through the difficulties.

Let's use the same FRU notation that you are probably familiar with. Each letter means a clockwise rotation of the face, while apostrophes mark the anticlockwise turns. Note that in this case F2 = F'3 and F'2 ≠ F2.

1. White face

The start is similar to solving the white cross on a Rubik's Cube. Fill the gaps between the white and side centers with the matching colors. In this case we're not building a white cross, but a white star on the top.

When the edges are done insert the white corner pieces, just like you would for a Rubik's Cube.

This step is really intuitive and it shouldn't be a problem, try to do it without checking the links.

2. Second layer

Turn the cube with the solved face down and use the same F2L algorithms that you already know from the 3x3 to solve the next set of edges. When they're are all done, locate the corners above each completed edge and turn them where they belong to.

3. Third layer edges and corners

This is the first step where you might need a little help, even if you know the 3x3 solution. Ahead of the curve pdf free download. Use the left or right algorightms below to insert the marked pieces from the top layer:

Left: F' R' F'2 R F
Right: F L F2 L' F'

When the edges are in place go ahead and solve the corners. Use the same method that you used for solving the white corners.

4. One more time

We've reached a point where we have to perform another set of 'first layer corners' and 'second layers', but we already know how to do these.

5. Top star

For the Rubik's Cube we call this step solving the yellow cross. We can use the exact same algorithms but here we have to form a star, not a cross on the top of the puzzle.

First case (flips F and R edges): F U R U' R' F'
Second case (flips F and B edges): F R U R' U' F'

6. Cycle edges

This step is similar to swapping the yellow edges on the Rubik's Cube. The algorithm is the same with a small tweak: instead of making U2 we have to make U3 in the clockwise algorithm.

We can cycle three edges on the front face of the Megaminx in the desired direction with the algorithms below. The two algorithms are the inverse of each other.


Clockwise: R U R' U R U3 R' U
AntiClockwise: U' R U2 R' U' R U' R'

7. Cycle corners

Positioning the last layer corners is the penultimate step before completing the puzzle. There are two algorithms that cycle the corners as shown on the image below.

Clockwise: L' U2 R U'2 - L U2 R' U'2
Anticlockwise: R U'2 L' U2 - R' U'2 L U2

8. Orient corners

However the algorithm is simple, orienting the last layer corners is the most confusing part of the Beginner's Method.

Doing U rotations bring the unsolved corners to the highlighted position one by one. Repeat the R' D' R D algorithm for each piece until they are all positioned correctly.

R' D' R D


Many people give up on it after playing it for only a few minutes and never pick it up again. Here is the secret: It's almost impossible to solve the cube without knowing the basic solution method. The solution pamphlet that comes with a store-bought cube can be very confusing, so I've arranged this article to make it simple, and I've included pictures and videos. You do not have to memorize long complicated algorithms to solve the cube using this article. For beginners, the layer-by-layer method is the easiest. The first step in this method starts with picking a color to build the 1st layer.

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  • Rubik's cube instructions will tell you to rotate to different sides. So, when the instructions tell you to move up, it means to turn the up side clockwise 90 degrees (1/4 the way around the top of the cube).

Beginners Rubik's Cube Solution Pdf

A layer is 8 cubies, has 9 stickers on the face, and 12 stickers around the outside edges of the face. For the purposes of this article, I will pick the white side as my first color to start solving the cube. A 'face' is a side of the cube (9 stickers only). In the picture above you can see the white face. It is the side of the cube that is always facing you on the front, no matter what color it is. Its opposite is the back face. The rules for the faces are the same as the colors: 1.

How To Solve Rubik Cube 4x4 For Beginners Pdf. Cube revenge solution pdf rubik's cube. Cube in your own language that is hindi view this video. 4x4 rubik cube.

Face (F) & back (B) are on opposite sides of the cube, the front and the back. Left (L) & right (R) are on the left and right sides of the cube. Up (U) & down (D) are on the top and bottom of the cube. The standard notation for the cube is up, down, left, right, face, and back, or U, D, L, R, F, B for short. Rubik's cube instructions will tell you to rotate to different sides.

Rubik cube solution pdf in hindi

So, when the instructions tell you to move up, it means to turn the up side clockwise 90 degrees (1/4 the way around the top of the cube). Another way to look at it is to imagine you are looking at the top of the cube and you want to turn a hand on a clock from 12 o'clock to 3 o'clock, so you would turn the top layer to the right one time. The short video below shows the basic cube notation, and solves the checkerboard pattern at the end. NOTE: For all the videos in this article, be sure you have the annotations turned on to see the instructions. Watch full-screen & high quality to see the instructions better.

Slow the video down if necessary. Pause the video at anytime. The settings for the videos can be found in the lower right hand corner of the video. The algorithm: (U L U' L') (U L U' L') Continuing from the previous video, this step will twist the corners and solve the cube. Place one of the twisted corners at the top-front position and do the algorithm one time. The corner will either be solved afterwards, or not. If not, then do the algorithm one more time and it will be.

Important: After that, rotate the 3rd layer to put another twisted corner in the top-front position, and do the algorithm again. Then it's the same as before.

Rubix Cube Formulas

The corner will either be solved afterwards, or not. If not, then do the algorithm one more time and it will be. Watch this last video to see it in action. (It looks like it is really messing up the cube a lot, but have no fear, it will solve itself in the end!). Hi, years ago I bought a cube and followed the instructions and learned how to solve it. Once you got the first layer, you basically had 5 moves. I have forgotten one of the last moves.

I can get two layers and all the corners set on the third layer. At this point my old solution had two moves. I remember one not the other.

This solution didn't involve flipping the cube over or anything to do with a yellow cross. You solved the four corners of the third layer first, then there were two moves left. Can you please help me find that last move? I have been searching all over for that technique.

But, everything I've found involves a bunch of moves depending on the yellow pattern. This other solution didn't care what the yellow looked like. Mark, Above someone else wrote their name was 'CK Towels' after my comment.

I'm not sure why. My issue was the two pieces that would not fit. If I remember, I was using a Void at the time, so I think that is where the problem came in. Essentially the center squares (which are missing) on the Void puzzle must have been in the wrong location.

It would be impossible to tell this while doing the puzzle. So that makes it a little challenging because the puzzle has to be shifted once we've figured out that it won't solve. I'm not sure if you responded to my comment.

All I saw was that you said you misspelled my name because of the person who posted after me 'Thi is the bomb you rock'. 4x4, basically the same as 3x3, only difference is that you have to solve the 4 dots on each center piece first (and get them in the correct place on the cube, Red Opposite Orange, Green Opposite Blue, Yellow Opposite White. The way I remember how to get this correct (it is easy to get it wrong.

I learned the hard way) is to solve the white dot, then, as your holding the white dot on the face side, remember that the Blue dot belongs on the UP side, and solve it, then, again looking at it with white on the face (and blue up), the Red belongs on the right face. Solve that dot, then just do the opposites from there. Once the dots are done, the edges have to be paired up.

Not much explaining to do there, as long as you remember to move the center dots back where they belong after each time you pair up an edge. Once the Edges are Paired, it becomes a 3x3 cube, and you solve it as that.

The only real problem on big cubes is Parity. There is 2 parity cases that I run into a lot on big cubes. The algos for them are on youtube. I can help you more if you wanna talk to me, I cannot post the links that I would like to on this page, they do not allow it (well. They do, but there is a risk of having the hub page shut down because of re-directing). Hit me up at [email protected] For more information on managing or withdrawing consents and how we handle data, visit our Privacy Policy at: Show Details Necessary HubPages Device ID This is used to identify particular browsers or devices when the access the service, and is used for security reasons.

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3x3 Rubik's Cube Algorithms

Rubik's Cube Solution Pdf

Rubik's Cube Algorithm Sheet

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Rubik Cube Solution Pdf In Hindi Download

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3x3 Rubik's Cube Algorithm Sheet

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