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Acerca de Sara Craven. Sara Craven was born in South Devon just before World War II and grew up in a house crammed with books. Her early career was in provincial journalism, and she had her first novel Garden of Dreams accepted by Mills and Boon in 1975. Sara enjoys listening to music, going to the theatre, watching very old films and eating in.

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Although there was no actual proof that this was necessary, she reminded herself. No evidence of any at tempt to trace her, as she'd feared. She could well be panicking unduly. Yet some gut instinct— some sense of self-preservation—seemed to be warning her again. Otherwise, why the dreams?

In any case, there were valid, practical reasons for her to leave Wellingford.

For one thing, the job she'd enjoyed so much no longer existed, and at the end of the week she would ic ceive her final wage packet from the Hartley family. Who would begrudge her every penny of it.

She sighed as she cleaned her teeth. She could still hardly believe that Genevieve Hartley was dead. She'd seemed indomitable—eternal. Even now, six weeks later, Cally half expected to seethe large car draw up at the end of Gunners Wharf and Mrs Hartley's small, silver-haired figure alight.

Riding to our rescue, Cally thought grimacing. Except it was far too late for that.

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I hope the dead can't see the living, she told herself with sudden fierceness. I hope Mrs Hartley doesn't know what her ghastly sons and their expensive wives did to her dream for Gunners Wharf even before she was cold in her grave. All those hopes and plans and hard work just swept away. All those people suddenly discovering they needed somewhere else to live.

It shouldn't have happened, of course. Mrs

Hartley's intentions had been very different. She'd meant the Gunners Wharf project to survive and thrive even when she was no longer there to supervise it. She'd been to see her lawyers, to draw up the necessary adjustments to her will, only to succumb to a sudden devastating heart attack before the all-important document could be signed.

Even so, the residents had all hoped that her wishes would be respected. She'd made them clear enough even to her resentful children.

So they'd collected for a wreath, and attended the funeral to demonstrate their affection and respect for the woman who'd encouraged their visions, only to find themselves totally ignored by the family, their presence unnecessary and embarrassing.

A bad omen, Cally had thought at the time, unease twisting inside her.

Martin mac 700 profile manual. And her premonition had been quite correct.

Within two weeks all the tenants had received notice to quit, and Gunners Wharf had been sold for redevdopment. They'd protested, naturally, but legally, they'd been told, they didn't have a leg to stand on. Their leases had been privately agreed with Mrs Hartley, and the rents kept deliberately, unrealistically low.

But there'd been nothing in writing, and her sudden death had prevented her from regularising their position in law.

Besides, it had been added, in a final blow to their hopes, most of the houses were still waiting to be renovated,

and could well be deemed unfit for human habitation.

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As she put on her clothes Cally tasted the acid of tears in her throat, and swallowed them back. She'd be come genuinely fond of Genevieve Hartley, and her death had been a personal blow, quite apart from all I he other ramifications.

On the other hand, the abandonment of the Gunners Wharf housing project would give Cally a personal release.

I always knew my lime here was limited, she reminded herself, applying moisturiser to her pale skin. But I thought I'd be the first to leave.

Once again someone she loved had been suddenly and tragically taken away from her. And once again she was left floundering in a kind of limbo.

Genevieve Hartley had been almost the first person Cally had met when she'd arrived in Wellingford.

She'd been sitting in the bus station buffet, drinking coffee while she looked through the small ads in the local weekly paper, scanning them for job opportunities and room rentals, when she'd spoiled the last entry in the 'Situations Vacant' column.

'Administrative assistant required for housing project with Children's Centre,' she'd read. 'Enthusiaslic and computer literate. Able to work on own initiative.' Followed by a telephone number.