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SAS: Zombie Assault 2 In SAS Zombie Assault 2, an online shooting game, the zombies are back! As a member of the Special Air Service (SAS) with more firepower on hand, your find yourself again assigned to go up against hordes of the undead. Your mission is simply, stop them at all costs! SAS: Zombie Assault In SAS Zombie Assault, you have one advantage that the brain-infected Zombies don't, a radar that tells you where they are coming from. Surrounded with hordes of undead coming, shoot your way through to survival.

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You have been pinned down in a confined building by raiding zombies. All you have for defense are a few simple barricades in front of the entrances and a hand gun.

Fend off the pathetic zombie attacks and use the money you earn to upgrade your weapons and defenses. Only if you put the years of SAS training to practice will you be able to survive the next zombie wave.


Sas: Zombie Assault 5

Fend off the zombie attacks, use the money you earn on upgrading your defensive capabilities.

Sas: zombie assault&& try the games play

Use the WASD (Arrow keys) to move around. Aim and fire with the mouse.
R (Page down) to reload your weapon.
Q (Del) and E (End) to cycle through the weapons.
To repair a barricade stand close to it and press F (Home).
Press space (Page up) to enter the upgrade menu.

SAS: Zombie Assault is an online action game developed by Ninja Kiwi, and has been played 693742 times on

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