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Nothing says WOW to your beverage like the King Cube™ ice cube. Our silicone trays not only make ice but try freezing broth, juices, stock, and much more. Makes 2″ cubes; Sturdy silicone construction makes a perfect cube; Silicone allows you to easily remove the cube; Long-lasting, fade-resistant color.

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  • When you need a lot of ice for parties or for those extra hot days, this set of two ice cube trays will turn out 36 tiny, 1-inch cubes per tray. Although the BPA-free silicone containers produce a.
  • Shop for silicone ice cube tray at Bed Bath & Beyond. Buy top selling products like Elements by Tovolo® 3-Piece Sphere and Jumbo Cube Ice Mold Set and Sphere Ice Molds (Set of 2).

The Best Large Ice Cube Trays

Summer is almost here and it is the perfect time to get ice cube tray for making ice cube for your drinks.

The one would say that buying one is simple – just pick the shape you want!

Usually, they wouldn’t be wrong, except for the fact that some of those are made of unhealthy or non-durable material.

That is why we present you the top 10 best large ice cube trays!

Highest Rated Large Ice Cube Trays (by Customer Reviews)

Tovolo King Cube Ice Mold TraySee prices on

Kitch Easy Release White Ice Cube TraySee prices on

Arctic Chill Silicone Ice Cube TraySee prices on

Sterilite 72508006 Ice Cube BinSee prices on

ChefLand Ice Cube Trays With LidSee prices on

BNYD Easy Push Pop out round Mini Ice Cube TraysSee prices on

Vremi Silicone Ice Cube Tray with Plastic LidSee prices on

OXO Good Grips No-Spill Ice Cube Tray with Silicone LidSee prices on

Rubbermaid Easy Release Ice Cube TraySee prices on

Komax Biokips Ice Cube Trays With Locking LidSee prices on

Tovolo King Cube Ice Mold Tray

Tovolo King Cube Ice Mold Tray is made of durable sturdy flexible silicone that allows you to easily and safely remove the ice cubes from the box.

This also makes it very easy to clean and maintain.

This silicone is proven to be chemicals free, so you can be sure you have the healthy product on your side.

The bottom part is non-slip, so you don’t need to worry about the liquid getting spilled.

Each of these ice boxes are bigger than usual,which allows you to freeze other liquids besides the water, as well as baby food.

Check the current price on Amazon >>


  • Healthy sturdy silicone
  • Easy ice cubes removal
  • Can freeze other liquids
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Non-slip
Jake's Take

If you are looking for an ice cube tray that won’t give you headache while you remove the ice from it, Tovolo King Cube Ice Mold Tray is the right pick for you.

Thanks to its capacity, besides the ice, you can also freeze ice-cream, vine, juice, and other liquids.

It has a non-slip bottom, so you don’t need to worry about spilling it anywhere around.

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Kitch Easy Release White Ice Cube Tray

Kitch Easy Release White Ice Cube Tray is made of FDA approved material, which means it is completely healthy to use.

Each of these trays comes with 16 ice cube boxes, and you can order the product in a pack of 2 or 4 trays.

The trays are sturdy and keep the ice strongly inside of them.

Even though this means no spilling a drop, it also means that cubes might be a bit harder to remove from the tray.

Check the current price on Amazon >>


  • FDA approved
  • 16 boxes
  • Easy to clean
  • Non-slip base


  • Harder to remove ice cubes
  • Might break after a while
Jake's Take

This ice cube tray has 16 ice cube boxes and it is rather safe to use.

Still, it might be hard to remove the cubes from the tray.

Even though it is made of durable material, it might start leaking after a while.

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Arctic Chill Silicone Ice Cube Tray

Arctic Chill produced different styles ice cube trays for everyone’s needs.

You can pick between 1”, 1.3”, 1.5”, and 2” and 8, 20, and 21 boxes.

All of these models are made of durable silicone and are BPA-free and FDA approved.

There are models with which you will make perfect shaped ice cubes for whiskey, but also the ones standard-sized for juices and summer drinks.

These ice cube trays are durable and easy to maintain and you can even wash them in your dishwasher.

The material is hard enough not to make strangely-shaped ice cubes.

Check the current price on Amazon >>


  • BPA-free
  • FDA-approved
  • Different sizes
  • Silicone material
  • Perfect shaped ice cubes
  • Easy to maintain


  • May start leaking after a while
  • Ice cubes sometimes hard to remove
Jake's Take

Arctic Chill produced ice cube trays for every occasion – from everyday refreshing drinks to the good old whiskey relaxing.

These models are made in different sizes and are very easy to use.

However, there were complaints about some small leaking after long-term usage.

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Sterilite 72508006 Ice Cube Bin

Sterilite 72508006 Ice Cube Bin is a one-piece ice cube mold with 13.2” x 5.1” x 6”.

This model comes as a one-bin or in set of 6 bins.

It is made of rather durable material and is completely BPA-free.

Thanks to its shape, it doesn’t take too much space in a freezer and it is very easy to maintain.

This model is great for making large ice cubes for cooling liquids in bigger liquid-keeping equipment, such as barrels.

Check the current price on Amazon >>


  • BPA-free
  • Durable
  • Great-sized
  • Used for barrels
  • Doesn’t take too much space
Jake's Take

If you are looking for ice cube trays for parties or large barrels, this is the model you are looking for.

It provides bigger, but perfectly shaped ice cubes, but it might get tricky once you decide to take it out of bin.

The bin is completely healthy to use and doesn’t take too much space.

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ChefLand Ice Cube Trays With Lid

Ice Cube Trays With Lid is made of perfectly durable material and it has a lid that prevents the liquid from spilling and keeps ice cubes perfectly clean.

It has the easy-to-pop mechanism that makes ice cubes easy to be removed and it is also very easy to be refilled, while there are still ice cubes in it.

Once the liquid is frozen, you can flip it on the side to make more room, without any fear of having your ice cubes out of tray.

Because of the protection lid, it takes some time for the water to freeze.

However, once the ice cubes are made, you can switch the tray as long as you want.

Check the current price on Amazon >>


  • Safety lid
  • Durable material
  • Easy-to-remove mechanism
  • Easy to refill
  • Easy to maintain
  • Can put it under every angle once it is frozen
Jake's Take

ChefLand Ice Cube Trays With Lid are the perfect addition to your kitchen equipment.

It has a safety lid that keeps the ice cubes clean and, even better, you can set it in a freezer any way you like without a fear of ice cubes falling out.

Also, this model comes with an easy-to-remove mechanism.

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BNYD Easy Push Pop out round Mini Ice Cube Trays

This set of 3 ice cube trays – red, blue, and green, is something that every family will appreciate having in their home.

The base of these ice cube trays is made of plastic, to prevent it from moving around, and the ice cube pockets are made of silicone, with the addition of easy-pop-up feature.

This makes these ice cube trays durable and the ice cubes easy to remove from the tray.

Trays come with 21 1” pockets, that will produce the round shaped ice.

Check the current price on Amazon >>


  • Plastic base
  • Easy to remove
  • Durable
  • Silicone pockets
Jake's Take

BNYD Easy Push Pop out round Mini Ice Cube Trays is perfect for people who prefer smaller ice cubes.

This model comes with circle-shaped ice pockets made of silicone, which allow easy ice cubes removal.

It appears that the only disadvantage of this model is a bit complicated cleaning.

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Vremi Silicone Ice Cube Tray with Plastic Lid

Vremi Silicone Ice Cube Tray with Plastic Lid is completely BPA-free tray that comes in two different models: large and small and both of them come in sets of 2.

The larger model of Vremi Silicone Ice Cube Tray with Plastic Lid comes with 8 ice cube pockets, 1.75 square inches each.

On the other hand, smaller model of Vremi Silicone Ice Cube Tray with Plastic Lid has 21 ice cube pockets and each of them measures 1.3 square inches.

Both of these models are made of silicon, which also allows the easy-push system of ice cube removal from the tray.

They also have plastic lid on top, that keeps them dust-free and it also allows you to move it on the side once the ice cubes are made.

Check the current price on Amazon >>


  • Silicon material
  • Easy to remove ice
  • Plastic lid
  • Can flip it around
  • Ice remains clean
  • Two models
Jake's Take

These sets by Vremi are definitely going to make your life a lot easier.

They are made of silicon, which makes those ice cubes easy to take out.

The lid on top keeps the ice always clean and prevents it from falling out once it is switched around.

But don’t expect quick freezing with this model.

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OXO Good Grips No-Spill Ice Cube Tray with Silicone Lid

Silicone trays needed please teach to be happy to be

Innovative ice cube trays by OXO are there to make your life easier.

Unlike some other ice cube trays, this model comes with silicone lid as well, which seals water into pockets as soon as it is closed.

Thanks to that lid, you can move this tray around as much as you want and you can even put other trays or anything else on top of it.

The ice cubes are half-round and they are easily taken out of the pockets.

Check the current price on Amazon >>


  • Silicone material
  • Easy to clean
  • Lid seals the ice
  • Non-spill feature
Jake's Take

Completely made of silicon, this ice cube tray made by OXO provides both simple ice cube taking out and non-spilling.

Once the ice cubes are frozen, you can stack it in freezer under any angle you need.

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Rubbermaid Easy Release Ice Cube Tray

Rubbermaid release the ice cube tray that we are all used to.

It is both easy to use and functional and can be order as once-piece, or in sets of 2, 4, 8, or 24 packs.

It is made of silicone and is FDA approved, which means it is perfectly healthy to use.

This model has handles on the side for easier ice cubes taking out and it is very easy to clean.

Check the current price on Amazon >>


  • FDA approved
  • Has two handles
  • Easy to clean
  • Silicone material
Jake's Take

The model we are used to over the years is not a bit improved and released by Rubbermaid.

This model is very durable and allows you to take out your ice cubes pretty quick.

However, it might not be useful after a year of constant usage.

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Komax Biokips Ice Cube Trays With Locking Lid

One more interesting model, this time made by Komax.

This particular model comes in a set of 4 and each of these picks have 21 pockets overall.

But what makes it special is that it also has plastic lid, but this one is additionally secured with the lock, so there is no panic of the liquid being spilled.

Also, it allows you to move it around or put anything on top of it once the water is frozen.

The ice cubes are easy to be taken out and the whole product is very easy to be washed.

Check the current price on Amazon >>


  • Easy to wash
  • Easy to take out
  • Plastic security lid
Jake's Take

This is a great product for people that have a lot of storage space in their freezer, but it is also very convenient to stuck in different angles, depending on the need.

The material is rather durable, but you can experience some leaking after a year of usage.

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Large Ice Cube Trays Buying Guide

If you want to kick off the summer season, get ready on time, and find yourself a nice gadget for refreshing drinks.

Can you imagine summer without cold drinks?

Hardly anyone can, therefore it is time to talk about ice cube trays.

Whether you are a professional cater or someone who enjoys cold drinks, you should know when is the time to change your ice trays.

When you Should Consider Changing your Ice Cube Tray

Ice cube trays are in constant touch with water and even though they may seem clean, they can catch lots of bacteria.

If you have ever smelled your silicone tray, you can notice a funky smell.

Why is that?

Silicone can catch smells from other food in your refrigerator.

There is no way to remove the smell, and all you can do is replace your tray.

Luckily, ice cube trays are quite affordable.

If you own a bar or a restaurant, you should replace them more often.

In short, if your ice cubes taste and smell weird, they can ruin your drink.

No matter how hard you try to wash it and the refrigerator too, it is still better to replace the tray.

Silicone is the most absorbent material, but the most versatile as far as the large ice cube trays go.

Why Use Big Cubes?

Some drinks require a big ice cube, instead of a bunch of small ones.

Larger ice cubes melt slower and therefore preserve the drink taste for longer.

Drinks such as a boozy punch or Old Fashioned, Vieux Carré, Negroni, Boulevardier are usually served with a large ice cube.

If that is something you are after, then consider getting a mold for larger, at least 2 inches cube.

They also look great in other cocktails, and if you are throwing a cocktail party, these little details can impress your guests.


We are going to talk about all ice cube trays, to know how to differentiate the large ice cube tray from the small one.

The large refers to the size of a cube, and not the number of cubes the tray can hold.

The trays come in standard sizes, starting from 1.3 inches per cube.

It is the most common tray and equals approximately two tablespoons of liquid.

You can use for all drinks types and in glasses of all sizes.

Then, larger ice cubes are 2 and 3 inches, and in square shape.

There are also larger ice molds, suitable for rouned ice, which is even bigger than 3 inches.

There is a whole theory about ice cubes and the aesthetics and for a reason.

The art of mixing cocktails is exciting, and every cocktail deserves good ice.

For example, clear ice cube without bubbles inside will look prettier, there are also smaller chances for breaking apart.


As we mentioned before, silicone is the most common material for making cube trays of all sizes.

However, you can find stainless steel ice cube trays and plastic trays as well.


The advantages of silicone ice cube tray are numerous.

Those include great insulation, simple maintenance, and versatility in shapes in sizes.

The molds are non-stickable and durable.

Also, silicone trays are easy to fold and use, and getting the cubes out is rather easy.

Silicon is non-toxic and safe to use with food.

You can use it from 40 to 250 degrees without issues.

So, use it in an oven, refrigerator, or microwave.

Silicon trays are also affordable.

However, the drawback is high smell absorbent.

Also, some people find them too flexible, and hard to fill without spilling.

Stainless Steel Trays

Next, the stainless steel tray features a convenient two-part design.

It comes with a middle-handle which makes ice cube easier to get out.

The tray is also dishwasher safe and quite durable.

It won’t crack or bend and filling them is quite easy.

The stainless steel trays are recyclable and reusable.

On top of everything, you can use them to freeze baby food as well.

The drawback of the stainless steel trays is the price tag.

Grammarly microsoft edge

Stainless steel kitchen gadgets tend to be pricier than plastic ones.

Plastic Ice Cube Trays

When it comes to plastic ice cube trays, they have a decent set of features.

However, if you choose plastic tray, make sure it is made of BPA-free plastic.

They are less flexible than silicone but can absorb less smell.

Also, it can be more challenging to get the cubes out than from the silicone.

The plastic tray is cheap and can last long.

They also come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but for better performance, you should pick silicone molds.

Number of Trays

Some trays can hold up to 32 ice cubes and others are suitable for only four pieces.

Larger ice cube trays usually come with the four, six, or eight number of trays.

If that isn’t enough for you, it might be a good idea to get a pack of two or three molds.

When sold in a pack, the trays are even more affordable.

Ice Cube Tray With a Lid

If you keep smelly and spicy food in your freezer with the ice cube tray, you can get the tray with the removable lid.

The lid is a great touch that can prevent the cubes from absorbing smells from other food.

It also serves to keep the upper side flat and perfect.


There are large cubes, diamond shape cubes, and large spear-shaped ice cubes.

Standard cubes are a simple and easy way to refresh your drink, but if you want to be more special, pick round shape or spear.

Long, spear-like ice shape is great for long drinks and looks attractive.

The spear molds can be a bit hard to fill to make the perfect, spear-like shape.

Make Large Cubes Quickly

Silicone Trays Needed Please Teach To Be Happy Hour

Here is one pro tip for making the large ice cubes quicker.

If you fill the tray with warm water, it will freeze sooner.

It sounds crazy, but it is true, and scientists call it – the Mpemba effect.


There are a lot of different ice cube trays on the market and all of them have their own advantages and disadvantages.

You have silicone trays, that will usually provide very easy taking out, but are also harder to maintain.

There are also metal ones, that will provide the durability.

With plastic trays you can be sure the ice cubes are perfectly-shaped, but they might be harder for taking out.

So take your time and pick the one that suits you the best!

What's your take on Large Ice Cube Trays? You think they're just a luxury or a must-have item? Don't hesitate to share your comment below with your opinion!

Highest Rated Large Ice Cube Trays (by Customer Reviews)

Tovolo King Cube Ice Mold TraySee prices on

Kitch Easy Release White Ice Cube TraySee prices on

Arctic Chill Silicone Ice Cube TraySee prices on

Sterilite 72508006 Ice Cube BinSee prices on

ChefLand Ice Cube Trays With LidSee prices on

BNYD Easy Push Pop out round Mini Ice Cube TraysSee prices on

Vremi Silicone Ice Cube Tray with Plastic LidSee prices on

OXO Good Grips No-Spill Ice Cube Tray with Silicone LidSee prices on

Rubbermaid Easy Release Ice Cube TraySee prices on

Komax Biokips Ice Cube Trays With Locking LidSee prices on

Our INTERACTIVE DESIGN GUIDE below highlights Custom Tray Applications, Design Features, Material Options & Advantages of Custom Trays & Inserts. This custom trays design guide was created to assist packaging engineers, and others, tasked with custom thermoform tray design and sourcing. Click on box below to open content. One box opens at a time.

Design Guide Outline

Section 1: Tray Design Features Best Practices

Section 2: Material Considerations For Custom Trays

Section 3: Cavity Options For Custom Trays

Section 4: Advantages Of Custom Trays

Section 5: Applications For Custom Trays

Tray Design Features Best Practices
Common Design Features reduce packaging cost, and reduce labor time.

Stacking features can be designed to allow tray stacking with no load/ no contact to parts. This is different than nesting (see video above). Stacking features and nesting features can be designed into the same tray for shipment when trays empty; and for part protection. Lids are not required with proper stack features reducing packaging cost.


Trays can be designed with finger clearance or tweezer clearance for easy placement and removal of parts. These form features or grooves can be molded in at locations where part contact is preferred.


Cavities can be in even numbers like 50 or 100 to facilitate counting. Numbers can be molded in for each cavity for inspection or other applications. Embossing of numbers adds no cost to piece price and slight cost to tooling.


Kitting trays can be made for assembly operations. This can be a tray with a specific number of cavities or with cavities sized to fit part. The tray color can contrast the parts allowing easy identification if missing a part needed for a assembly. These kits can be prepared for assembly stations in lean manufacturing environments and help insure there ar no items left out when assembled. An example is a medical device tray.


CLICK photo for Video

Lids can be designed to fit a custom or stock tray. Lid can be clear for visibility or can include form features which fit into cavities and prevent movement and cavity jumping in very small part packaging. Tray can be opaque (black or white) with a clear look for part visibility. Embossing of logo or website also possible on lid.

Silicone Trays Needed Please Teach To Be Happy To Be


Locating features can be added to assist with optical or mechanical robotic part placement. Form features in tray are the best places to locate for robotic cavity placement vs. the perimeter cut. Accuracy and consistency is controlled by the tool with form features.


Nesting, when built into the tray design, keeps space requirements low for transport of empty trays. Nesting is different then stacking. Nesting is when a tray fits inside another tray when empty; like plastic cups. Stacking is when features are built in tray to stack at a specific dimensional height where no weight is on the packaged part.


Friction fit, indentations and undercuts can be used to hold part or to fasten cover or tray lid. Button snaps, perimeter snaps or slight undercut areas are the most common methods.


Company name, company website, and part numbers can be molded into tray with no additional part cost. Numbered cavities can be molded on tray. Special notes can be molded into tray. Notes such as “Return to ….”.


Some materials stick when nested. This design feature allows for easier separation of trays; and handling of trays by operators.


This is a feature in plastic clamshells which attaches the cover to the tray. Often snap features are included with clam-shell packaging or clam-shell can be heat sealed. This is usually used with retail packaging. There is added design cost compared to a unhinged tray and cover, or a stacking tray.


Printing and contour printing on packaging for higher volume applications. This process creates a Vivid 3D image directly on the formed thin gauge plastic. Main area for this is retail and food. Not typically used for industrial packaging.

Material Considerations For Custom Trays

Material Selection is a key decision when specifying a tray. Key variables when choosing a material include, ESD requirements, impact resistance, budgetary constraints, operating temperature, chemical resistance, cleanliness with regard to applied coatings, clarity (clear vs. opaque), color, and sealing technique if applicable. Common materials are described below in this section.

Material Considerations

  • Cost
  • Chemical Resistance
  • ESD Requirements
  • UV Resistance
  • Coatings applied to materials for ESD protection or de-nesting. (medical)
  • Wash-ability
  • Durability
  • Heat Deflection

Custom Trays Material Thickness

  • Plastic Material Thickness(Notes intended as a guide dependent on depth of tray and many other factors)
    1) .015″ to .030″ starting thickness is common for disposable shipping trays for small parts.
    2) .030” to .060” starting thickness for use for a number of cycles but not long term.
    3) .060″ to .375” starting thickness for long term reusable trays.
  • Molded Pulp Material Thickness (2 options)
    1) .⅛” standard gauge molded pulp. This is typically used for shipping and lighter items.
    2) .250” heavy gauge molded pulp is very durable used for skids, trays, and heavier parts.

Common Materials For Shipping Reusable Trays (Non ESD)

  • High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS Tray Material used for shipping and reusable trays)
    Thin and heavy gauge options. Low cost material for shipping or reusable trays comparable in price to PVC Clear. Styrene is readily available in black and white. Styrene is more rigid than PVC with the possibility of cracking on corners with reuse. ESD options below.
  • HDPE Tray Material(used for shipping trays in special applications and for automotive trays)
    Thin and Heavy Gauge options. Material is softer, has good impact strength, and excellent chemical resistance. It is also good for low temperature applications.Disadvantages include tendency to warp which make it difficult to use for trays that need to be flat for automation applications. Also very difficult to bond to HDPE.
  • PVC (used primarily for small parts shipping trays)

Advantages: 1. Low cost 2. Durable (longer lasting than styrene in comparable thickness) 3. Clear 4. Good chemical resistance(see chart) 5. Available in ESD with a anti-static non silicone coating (see ESD Options)

Disadvantages: 1. Generally has a denesting agent allowing trays to be separated when nested. This is an applied coating which often includes silicone 2. Due to silicone coating, may not be good option for medical applications depending on sensitivity of application

Silicone Trays Needed Please Teach To Be Happy At A

  • PETG Material(used for shipping trays and reusable trays)
    Thin and Thick gauge options. PETG is a Clear Polyester. It has excellent strength for use in packaging trays and is a low outgasing material. Common applications include medical and optics. It may have a de-nesting agent similar to PVC which can be silicone. Also available with an Anti-Static Coating, Inherently Anti-Static, or Un-Coated.
  • Polypropylene(often used in medical trays for shipping or storage)
    Polypropylene has unique chemical resistance properties, and resists heat allowing it to go through some sterilization processes like autoclave. Often used in medical applications. PP is a softer material and also can be difficult to maintain flatness.
  • Polycarbonate(used in high heat applications and for lab trays)
    Polycarbonate is more expensive by a factor of 5 compared to the low cost packaging items. Key advantage to using polycarbonate is the higher heat deflection temperature (see below). Recommend testing in specific application.

Heat Deflection Temperature: 270 degrees Fahrenheit

Continuous Use Temperature (= 24/7): 180 degrees Fahrenheit

Intermittent Use Temperature: 257 degrees Fahrenheit

  • ABS Material (primarily for reusable trays)
    Thin and heavy gauge options. Material has good impact resistance. It is often used with drip trays or automation trays as material stays flat. Most common color is black. Fairly low price but more expensive than Styrene, PVC, and PETG.
  • Foam Material (rigid)
    Foam trays are available in Polyethylene and Polyurethane in multiple densities and in Anti Static and Conductive materials. Polyethylene is a stiffer material better if parts have weight. Polyurethane is a softer material potentially better if parts scratch easily.

ESD Tray Materials (Shipping & Reusable Trays)

  • Anti-Static PVC(thin gauge)
    For shipping applications and not for long term use. Coating will become less effective with time and use. Surface Resistivity see data page BVDC-H1X. This is generally a thin gauge option in .030 starting thickness. Surface Resistivity of material 10e^9.
  • Conductive Styrene Black(thin gauge)
    Stryene is Description: The material can be used for semi-reusable and reusable trays as ESD properties are set in the material. It is not a coated material. Surface resistivity 10e^4 to 10e^7. Black Conductive Styrene is generally a thin gauge option stocked in .030” starting thickness.
  • PETG Anti-Static Material (thin gauge)
    Description: For shipping applications and not for long term use. Coating will become less effective with time and use. Surface Resistivity see data page SC-E773. This is generally a thin gauge option in .030 starting thickness. Surface Resistivity of material 10e^9.
  • ESD Material (heavy gauge for reusable material handling trays)
  • HDPE Blue Ant-Static Material (heavy gauge)
    Anti-static, generally blue, do not hold a charge for very long. A charge of 5000 volts is fully decayed in less than 2 seconds. This material requires a relative humidity of 15% or greater, so it won’t do the job in very dry atmospheres. The advantage of this material is that it does not slough conductive particles and is therefore usable in clean room situations. Trays meet minimum specifications per MILB-81705B. The base material, high density polyethylene, has high impact strength. Tested to less than 1012 ohms per square inch.
  • HDPE Black Conductive (heavy gauge)
    Conductive containers are always black because the material contains carbon black. The carbon black allows the containers to conduct, and therefore if grounded, they will not create an ESD moment. The conductivity of the containers is a permanent part of the high density polyethylene material used to manufacture the containers.There is, however, a tendency for minute particles of the carbon black to slough. This trait may make the containers unacceptable in certain clean rooms. Surface tested to make sure that it is 105 or less ohms per square inch.
  • Conductive ABS (heavy gauge)
    Used for long term ESD applications. Storage trays, etc. Expensive compared to conductive HIPS(above) and compared to standard ABS. See R63 Data Page.
  • Inherently Static Disipative PETG
    Used for long term ESD Trays. Storage and Handling trays. Expensive compared to conductive HIPS(above) or compared to standard PETG. This material has a blueish tint.
Cavity Options For Custom Trays

Custom Tray Cavities formed to exactly match part or made to contact part only in certain areas building in clearance(areas of no contact) Clearance can be for fragile components or for areas requiring optical clarity.

Custom Geometric Cavities can be formed in more standard geometric shapes to hold to part or act as a universal cavity tray for use with multiple part sizes. Simpler cavities in standard geometric shapes generally have lower tooling cost.

Prototype cavities (mini trays) can be made inexpensively or as a step in the design process. A small 3- 5 cavity tray can be made to insure tray function before the final tool is built. This step usually costs less then $ 250 and validates the cavity. Full size prototypes can also be made for low cost allowing for design and fit issues to be used prior to tray production

Advantages of Custom Trays

➔ Low Tooling Cost: Starting at $600 for basic designs in low volume applications.

➔ Labor Savings: Eliminating bags or special packaging materials can streamline the packaging process saving significant time while properly protecting parts.

Silicone Trays Needed Please Teach To Be Happy Birthday

➔ Economical Packaging Cost: Low part cost and cost per component. Trays are also low in weight reducing shipping costs.

➔ Part Counts & Inspection: Trays can be made to a specific even number like 50 or 100 cavities per tray facilitating counting. Cavities can be numbered if needed for inspection.

➔ Cleaner Than Corrugated: No corrugated dust with plastic trays. The plastic can be used in clean-rooms or for medical applications depending on material choice. See material information below.

➔ Reusable Packaging: Trays can be made for internal plant handling and for shipping applications. Re-usability reduces packaging cost per component vs. disposable custom trays.

➔ Custom Tray Cavities: Formed to exactly match part or made to contact part only in certain areas building in clearance(areas of no contact) for fragile or areas requiring optical clarity. More information below.

➔ Material Options: Depending on part and application. For instance several ESD materials are available for electronic components. PETG is often used for optics and lenses sensitive to out-gasing (see material section below).

➔ Used With Automation: Able to be used in Automation Processes. See custom design features below.

➔ Overall Tray Size: Tray to fit current box configuration, or standard off the shelf boxes.

➔ Recyclable: Plastics used for trays are 100% recyclable, and trays are often reusable.

Applications For Custom Trays
  • Shipping Trays
  • Material Handling Trays
  • ESD protection Trays
  • Medical Trays
  • Drip Trays
  • Automation Trays
  • Packaging Trays
  • Automotive Style Dunnage Trays
  • Food & Bakery Trays
  • Retail Trays
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