Spinnery Farming Simulator 19

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Welcome to the official website of Farming Simulator, the #1 farming simulation game by GIANTS. Lone Oak Spinnery-30,000 Straw Barn-30,000 Manure Selling Station-12,000. GForcemodding, Oxygendavid, BulletBill, LoneWolf. PC/MAC, PS4, XB1. Sheep are one of the easiest animals to breed in Farming Simulator 19.This is thanks to their low requirements - give them a bit of grass or hay (you can buy hay as bales) and water.The process of getting grass and hay was described in Grass, hay and silage. Apr 28, 2021 Due to the success of the GreenRiver map in Farming Simulator 17 thanks to all of you Bart decided to bring the map to Farming Simulator 19. In the GreenRiver map you can decide what you want to do. There are more than 160 acres of fields, you can take care of the animals, be an agricultural farmer or you can go out to the forestry part of the.


Spinnery Farming Simulator 19 Download

Black Mountain Montana v4.0 Black Mountain Montana brings a nice mix of large tree forestry and farming in one map. This is version 4 of Black Mountain Montana edited by me, Robbe. Version 1 and 1.1 were created by Hoot. Version 2 and 3 were created by ACME ACRES. Install ios simulator.

Spinnery Farming Simulator 19 Download Pc Free

This is the map of Farming Simulator 2013 Titanium Addon converted and modernized for FS19:
- 21 fields
- Spaces for placeables
- Includes new placeables
- Ready for Seasons.
- Fixed bug walls BGA.
- In new game now all vehicle and building are news.
- Added compatibility with Store Sales by GTX.
- New crops!! Rye and Millet (recommended new game).
- Adapted for TMR / PigFood Production (by erShaba).
- Adapted for Placeable Factories Pack (by erShaba).
- Adapted for Seed Factory (by erShaba).
- Adapted for Placeable EcoGreen Factories.
- Updated for Placeable Factory Pellet Pack.
- Fixed sell point Vegetable Warehouse
- Fixed sell point Selling Station 2
- Fixed sell point Spinnery
- Adjusted tipCol in BGA.
- Adapted for Placeable Factories Pack
- Adapted for Placeable Factory Pellet Pack
- Sheep, cows and horse accept hay pellet.
- Changed position in vehicle Shop for vehicles buyed.
- Added new bunker to BGA.
- Adjusted position all bunkers BGA.
- Remade tipCol map (requires new game on console).
** If you don't use the BGA, you don't need to update the map.
- Fixed map sounds.
- Ajusted Unload trigger BGA.
- Ajusted plane Water
- Added animal pastures in shop.
- Eggbox directly in pallet.
- New machinary in new savegame.
- Fixed issues with helpers AI.
- Fixed problem with landscape mode.
- Added street lamp to shop in decoration.
- Added bushes and decoFoliage to mode Landscape.
- Replaced object with old/bad texture in Animal Trader.
- Fixed transport missions.
- Big land, divided in more little lands.
(No need restart savegame)
- Transport missions included.
- Various missions included for Seasons.
- Adjusted BGA point of sale.
- Adjusted all decoration placeables.
- Revised sheep feeder cleaning area.
- Fixed error with placeables.
- Added sell point for egg and milk.
- Fixed animation in windpump.
- Fixed food in feeder cow.
- Added lights in the park.
- Changed textures birch for compatibility with Seasons.
- Moved several flying trees to terrain.
- Added crop poplar.
- Main farm is separate in various buildings.
- Elevated terrain in vehicle shop.
- Fixed unload problem in BGA bunkers.

Spinnery Farming Simulator 19 Mods

2 maps included here: American Grasslands and Mod Test Map.
Both maps support Seasons and Maize Plus mods.
Both maps have increased maximum number of fillTypes, to better support your favorite mods.
American Grasslands!
This map gives you plenty of room to do your own thing!
- The map is flat and open so you can easily make your own world the way you want!
- Grass, bushes, and decoration foliage can be painted in landscape mode.
- 19 Fields, all fields have missions.
- 2 bga areas. (must buy farmland to use)
- Bulk refill stations at the vehicle dealer.
- Large lot next to sawmill for placeables or planting trees.
- 10 Animal pens already installed on the map. (2 of each type, easy difficulty level only)
- Animal pen areas are clear, this way you can place pens there at higher difficulty levels.
- Emty lot next to animal pens for feed stations.
- Main farm has a farmhouse, 2 sheds and a 800000 liter 'bulk' type silo. (easy difficulty level only)
- 29 pieces of equipment to start game. (easy difficulty level only)
Mod Test Map!
A map for testing mods or to just have fun!
-You own the entire map to start.
-All animal pens are already installed.
-You have 20 of each animal.(No horses)
-Cow pen has milk, manure and liquid manure.
-Pig pen has manure and liquid manure.
-There is a seperate field for every fruit.
-All fruits are ready to harvest.
-A harvested field with straw to collect.
-A cultivated field ready to plant or plow.
-A patch of 25 trees ready to harvest.
-A wood crusher at the sawmill.
-A main farm with a farmhouse, a farm silo and two sheds.
-There is selling points for everything:
Spinnery, Sawmill, BGA, Animal Dealer, Barn and Bakery.
-BGA has digestate in the tank.
-All the water hoses give water.
-Pressure washer at vehicle shop.
-Field missions on fields when not owned.
-Transport missions.
-You own one each of all pallets from shop.
-3 egg boxes and 4 wool pallets.
-Own a stack of each kind of bale.
-A starting vehicle for most jobs.
-Gas Station and Refill Station.
-Vehicle test areas:
Slalem, bumps, dirt oval track, car crush and eighth mile drag.
- Added mod map: American Grasslands!
- Added filltype support to mod test map.(new save game required)
No new save game needed.
Added roads and road signs.
Using an old save game?
The grass around some of the intersections may be missing or growing in road,
this can be fixed in landscape mode.
NEW SAVE GAME REQUIRED! Sorry for the inconvenience.
-Added a riding trail around edge of map.
-Added dirt roads and field access.
-Added one of each kind of tree to the tree test area.
-Replaced suspension test area curbs with new speedbumps.
-Added potatos, sugarbeets, sugarcane and +50,000 capacity to the farm silo storage.
-Changed the look of the animal pens, sawmill and BGA areas.
-Added some decoration to map and buildings.
-Added seperation curbs around locations.
-Replaced the lime station with refill stations for:
Seeds, Fertilizer, Lime, water, Liquid Fertilizer and Herbicide.