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STALKER: Clear Sky has already received several patches, bringing the English version of the game up to Version 1.5.10 - the version number of your game is shown on the bottom left of the main menu screen. Note that there are three different versions of the International update for the non-Russian version: a retail version for boxed copies, a. Version: v.1.5.10 ENG/PL. Clear Sky v1.5.10 fixes: Saved game versions 1.5.04 - 1.5.09 will work in version 1.5.10. Changes: - Fixed critical bug renders. Fixed behavior of Alt + Tab when in the OS there are no other windows applications. Fixed bug with different registers CD-key.

Stalker Clear Sky Patch 1.5 10 Crack

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Also known as:
S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Чистое небо
S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Czyste Niebo
Belongs to Series: S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Shadow of Chernobyl
Available on:PC
Publisher:THQ, Zoo
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Language Patch
Download ukrainian language patch for any russian version (244MB)
Downloadinternational CD/DVD patch 1.5.10 (70MB)
Downloadinternational digital download patch 1.5.10 (71MB)
Download japanese patch 1.5.10 (70MB)
Download russian patch 1.5.10 (60MB)(including hotfix)
List of changes in patch 1.5.10 (russian)List of changes in patch 1.5.10 (english)
Downloadinternational CD/DVD patch 1.5.09 (67MB)
Downloadinternational digital download patch 1.5.09 (66MB)
Downloadrussian patch 1.5.09 (47MB)
Listof changes in 1.5.09 (russian)List of changes in 1.5.09 (english)
Downloadinternational CD/DVD patch 1.5.08 (57MB)
Downloadinternational digital download patch 1.5.08 (58MB)
Downloadrussian patch 1.5.08 (46MB)
Listof changes in 1.5.08
Downloadinternational CD/DVD patch 1.5.07 (53MB)
Downloadinternational digital download patch 1.5.07 (54Mb)
Downloadrussian patch 1.5.07 (45MB)
Listof changes in 1.5.07 (russian)Listof changes in 1.5.07 (english)
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Listof changes in 1.5.06
Downloadinternational CD/DVD patch 1.5.05 (55MB)
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Downloadrussian patch 1.5.05 (45MB)
Listof changes in 1.5.05 (russian)Listof changes in 1.5.05 (german/english)
Downloadinternational CD/DVD patch 1.5.04 (55MB)
Downloadinternational digital download patch 1.5.04 (56MB)
Downloadrussian patch 1.5.04 (44MB)
Downloadpolish audio hotfix (122MB)
Listof changes in 1.5.04 (russian)Listof changes in 1.5.04 (english)
Downloadinternational CD/DVD patch 1.5.03 (54MB)
Downloadinternational digital download patch 1.5.03 (55MB)
Downloadrussian patch 1.5.03 (43MB)
Listof changes in 1.5.03 (russian)
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