Starting Microsoft Word In Safe Mode Mac

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If MS word is crashing on Mac, then with the help of Safe Mode, you can check the problem with the Word application. Plus, you can fix the application as well. Step 1 Restart your Mac and when you hear the chime sound, press the Shift key to enter the Safe mode. Keep the key pressed until you hear the Safe mode interface on the screen. Mar 29, 2019 Release the ⇧ Shift key. Once the login screen appears, your Mac should be in Safe Mode, meaning you can release the ⇧ Shift key. 5 Log into your Mac.

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“Hello everyone, I have a problem with Word file saved on my Windows computer. When I try to click on it to open, I will be presented with a message that suggests me to open Word file in safe mode; if I click ‘Yes’ nothing happens. Again when I hit on it, I get another message that states ‘Word file failed to open in safe mode. Do you like to start detect and repair’. If I give command to repair Word file, it says the setup completed successfully, but same problem keeps on repeating. Please someone help me to resolve this issue without damaging original Word document”

With Microsoft Word tool, you can create number of useful documents, manuals, address labels, letters and so on. In case you are experiencing technical difficulties like above, then there are many built in methods that can help you to troubleshoot your problem. In case Word file is not opening in safe mode, then try following steps to open it in safe mode and solve your problem.

  • Click on 'Start' button from your Windows computer and then type “Run” into search box
  • Out of three options provided on the window, click on 'Browse' and then press on the 'Winword.exe' option from the Browse dialog box
  • Now click on the 'Open' button and then its path for opening Microsoft Word
  • Click at the end of the text for the location and then press spacebar to add a space
  • Enter '/safe' into the text box and at last click on “Ok” option to start Word in safe mode

After going through these steps, close the window and try to open Word file. In most of the cases, Word will open without any trouble. However, if you cannot open Word file, then you should fix the issue by downloading suitable Word document repair software.

Word file error repair tool:

How to start in safe mode

Yodot DOC Repair software is considered as the most reliable application to repair Word file when it fail to start in safe mode. It has helped many users to repair Word file that got corrupted due to power failure, improper system shut down, virus attack, formation of bad sectors and so on. You can fix and recover data from corrupted Word file in DOC and DOCX file formats by using this excellent Word file repair software on computer running with Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 and 2008 operating systems. Along with this, you can preview repaired Word file (upto 4 pages) to examine quality of repaired Word document. For more information regarding working and features of this Word file repair software, download demo version and run it.

Procedure to fix Word file when it fails to start in safe mode: Conda cheat sheet 4.8.

  • Download Yodot DOC Repair software and install it to your computer running with Windows OS
  • Run the application to find out steps involved in the process of repairing Word file
  • Choose Word file which you want to repair and click on “Repair” to begin scanning process
  • Wait till the software finishes scanning process and once it is done, you will get a message indicating successful Word file repair
  • Preview repaired Word file and at last save it on location you prefer on your PC or on external storage drive

Starting Microsoft Word In Safe Mode Mac Pro

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Starting Microsoft Word In Safe Mode Mac Mini


Starting Microsoft Word In Safe Mode Mac

  • Keep your system virus free as Word file may fail to start in safe mode when it is infected with Macro viruses
  • Do not try any manual option to modify Word file unless and until you have proper knowledge about it