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Stick Rpg Complete Y8

Stickpage's 'Stick RPG' may have very simple graphics and a more modern setting, but it can be as fun and addictive as any other online RPG. The main objective, as it is with the other online RPGs is to make money. And with a more modern-day setting, there is one way to try and make lots of money-taking the gamble of the stock market.

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***UPDATE (02/19/03)***


(Thanks guys and gals)

***UPDATE (02/05/03)***

- Various bugs being exploited to cheat were fixed.

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***UPDATE (01/17/03)***

- Yes, it's finally here! A solution to alleviate all those who had issues with slow movement! Now go play the game and buy the kid some smokes to get 'IT'!


- Use 'Optimize' button in stats window to turn of/off quality toggle when walking.

- Aquiring Net Worth is the main objective, calculated as follows:

(Cash on hand) + (Cash in bank) - (Loans).


- The Bus Station/Fineline Furnishings are not open becuase they are not completed yet. You cannot

sell the Cocaine yet.

- The knife increases damages in combat (Check inventory for details)


- There is a bug in the bar fight which

causes it to freeze. I am working on this.

Stick Rpg Complete 2

Stick Rpg Complete Download

- Cars drive backwards and just generally defy the laws of physics.