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A downloadable game for Windows

Now a elevator should appear after the diamond spins. Go in and push the top button. Wait and push the bottom button and go now there should be 2 doors. One red and one blue. It doesn’t matter which door you go though because either way you still beat the game. Steam Community:: Guide:: Id list for server. Submachine Guns, or SMGs for short, are pistol-calibre automatic weapons with a high rate of fire, but typically lower accuracy and damage per bullet when compared to Assault Rifles. There are 8 SMGs in the MP5, MAC-10, UMP9, M1A1, CZ-3A1, Vector (9mm), Vector (.45 ACP), and Spud Gun. SMGs are viable weapons throughout the whole game, although some (like the Vector) are more useful. 97-Toys, Games and Sports Requisites; Parts therefor. 98-Miscellaneous Manufactured Articles. DIVISION XXI WORKS OF ART, COLLECTORS' PIECES, AND ANTIQUES 99-Works of Art, Collectors' Pieces, and Antiques. Descriptions of Goods and Rates of Duty DIVISION I LIVE ANIMALS; ANIMAL PRODUCTS Chapter 1-Live Animals NOTES 1.


ALL Submachine games in one package, retouched especially for this collection.
That's 13 games all together.

Submachine 1 Potato Games Free

You also get entire soundtrack of the series.

The pack includes following:

  1. Submachine 1: the Basement
  2. Submachine 2: the lighthouse
  3. Submachine 3: the Loop
  4. Submachine 4: the Lab
  5. Submachine 5: the Root
  6. Submachine 6: the Edge
  7. Submachine 7: the Core
  8. Submachine 8: the Plan
  9. Submachine 9: the Temple
  10. Submachine 10: the Exit
  11. Submachine: 32 Chambers
  12. Submachine: Ancient Adventure
  13. Submachine: FLF
AuthorMateusz Skutnik
Tagsescape, Point & Click, submachine
Average sessionA few hours


In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $22.50 USD. You will get access to the following files: Survival zombies the inverted evolution for mac.

Submachine Collection Soundtrack (.mp3 files)172 MB

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Just bought this game because of how much i loved the Flash series so much. Excited to start playing!

I have a question, if I buy this will I be able to play them still after Abode Flash Player dies in December 2020? To my understanding they were made in Flash Player, or not these retouched ones? I'm gonna be so sad if I'll never be able to play Submachine again.

Not sure. I think it'll work, as it contains standalone flash player.

What I do know is that I'll be remastering them in Game Maker (not flash anymore) and releasing of steam - at that point anyone who bought it earlier will be able to get a free steam key from me. But that will happen in 2022 at the earliest..

Thank you so much for your reply, I think I will wait to buy the remastered version on Steam then. Your games are amazing!

I don't care. I just rebought the games again (my win10 broke down and took them all with itself) and started enjoying myself. Ruffle or Flash player by Adobe will allow me to play the downloaded games after 2020. But I do need a steam key from you, Mr. Skutnik, after you figure out the remastered piece :) Fingers crossed.

Will this game be available for Mac? I'd love to purchase it but I only have a Mac. I've already played the free online versions so I know about those :)

No, Apple blocks such applications (.app created by flash, not code-signed and not notarized).

Dang. Thanks anyway. I can still play the free online versions so I'll be fine :) A shame though! I love your work and would love to play in full resolution! :)

this man Markiplier is unbearable !!! the game looks great

You might be right. I'll change that trailer to something else.

Submachine 1 Potato Games Online

Whats supposed to happen at the end of 32 ? I filled the ring with all the gem slivers. Is that the end of it? rotated the rings correctly. No end game at that point. Retraced everything and dont think I missed anything.

I am a bit confused. I can see that the client downloaded all the applications, but when I launch it through the client it only starts Submachine 0. Am I missing something, or is this collection just not compatible with

Submachine 1 Potato Games Minecraft

The collection is compatible with itch, but to get them all you need to install them separately thru the itch install menu

hope this helps :)

Dear Mateusz. What's about 'I have submachine in HD but is 0 FLF 32 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9'? What I can do? (From 2014)


Where is 596 in Submachine 4?

Maybe buy Submachine 10 HD seperate? Or send him a direct messige?

sub4 HD removed the Annex which is why there is also 1 less secret ite

Submachine 1 Potato Games Happy Wheels

Quite pricey would love to see some video game play. Just not enough information to buy and commit 25.00 to.

You can play non-retouched versions of the entire series online here, or try Submachine Universe to get a feel for it.


I said to myself I would wait untill the Legacy, but I could not wait anymore. I have to say that from my 7 year old self to my 15 year old self, I had a blast playing the games. Chears!