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Ta Rules.weebly.com
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Professional Development Center

Our online learning center is the best place for all your professional development needs. Use the free CEU credits that come with your NATA membership to take courses in our Professional Development Center (PDC). Sabrent free acronis software. We also offer a large selection of webinars, quizzes and courses in a wide variety of formats, styles and topics, in addition to exclusive member-only online opportunities like certificate programs designed to help you excel in other areas like leadership.

2.Majority rules. 3.If you are not at meeting your vote is void. 4.Officers go to table and church is for their ears only. 5.Members will be kicked out of meeting for disrupting. 6.Every member will attend the meeting on their bike or they get fined (9,ooo gta dollars.) 7.Members must have their patch on when they come to the meetings. RULE 42-During missions these rules are taken more lightly RULE 43-Banned Weapons: Sticky Bombs, Uzi, Machine Pistol, Micro SMG, AP Pistol If there are any questions about these rules ask Alex (While he isn’t in roleplay mode) Or ask Anthony in the chat (Anthony Bot) Or message us on twitter @AlexRamiGaming or @AnthonyAWV.

Ta Rules.weebly.com Ta

Membership Renewal Deadline

Members who have yet to renew their NATA membership for 2021 will lose access to all NATA member benefits if payment is not made by Jan. 31. Visit www.nata.org/renew or contact NATA Member Services at [email protected] or 972-532-8897 for more information. NATA also has options in place to assist members who may be going through an economic hardship. Contact Member Services to discuss how we can help.

NATA COVID-19 Committee-Created Resources

During the pandemic, NATA’s various committees have been hard at work for creating and providing resources that will help members better navigate COVID-19 as athletic trainers. New resources are added to this site regularly, so be sure check back periodically for updates and information.

Ta Rules.weebly.com Song

AT Marketplace

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The AT Marketplace offers a wide selection of athletic training supplies by category, allowing you to restock your AT facility without ever leaving your desk.