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Author:Maxwell Grant
Language: eng
Format: mobi, epub
Publisher: Street & Smith
Published: 1935-07-21T22:00:00+00:00

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Gibson, using the pen name Maxwell Grant, wrote 282 of the 325 Shadow novels. The remainder were written by Theodore Tinsley and Bruce Elliot, with one novel partly written by Lester Dent, the chief writer of Doc Savage.

Out of the darkness came a being of the night to give Harry Vincent another chance; a chance to live his life with enjoyment, danger and excitement; a chance to risk it for an honorable cause in the service of the. Download The Shadow 26 Books now! Available in PDF, EPUB, Mobi Format. The Master of Darkness deals out retribution and redemption in two classic pulp thrillers by Walter B. Gibson writing as 'Maxwell Grant.' In 'Vengeance is Mine!' , The Shadow hunts a terrorist whose murderous bombing rampage extends to the Cobalt Club itself. The Shadow 305 by Maxwell Grant - free mobi epub ebooks download. The Shadow 305 by Maxwell Grant Author:Maxwell Grant, Date: August 12, 2017,Views: 113 Author:Maxwell Grant Language: eng Format: mobi Published: 0101-01-01T00:00:00+00:00. PDF Ebook Gangdom's Doom (The Shadow), by Maxwell Grant. Well, when else will certainly you discover this possibility to get this publication Gangdom's Doom (The Shadow), By Maxwell Grant soft documents? This is your excellent chance to be here as well as get this wonderful publication Gangdom's Doom (The Shadow), By Maxwell Grant Never leave this book before downloading this soft data of.

“What of it?” queried Cliff. “There might have been a hundred suspicious looking trucks along the avenue last night. We passed a bunch when we were bringing in the Fate Joss.”

“Not trucks on side streets, Cliff. Of course these reports are exaggerated. The way they read, you’d think that half of Chinatown had gone into the trucking business. These people who talked to the police may have been mistaken as to the time they saw a truck. But I’m wondering -“

“If somebody spotted our truck coming away from that street in back of Laudring’s?”

“You’ve guessed it, Cliff. It may mean trouble if the police begin checking up on trucks at different garages.”

“That’s possible, Harry. Still—the Howland Garage is thirty blocks south of Laudring’s. That truck we used is -“

Cliff stopped. The telephone was ringing. Harry answered it. Cliff heard him talk in brief, affirmative phrases. The call completed, Harry eyed Cliff solemnly.

“It was Burbank,” stated Harry. “The police are starting a check-up on trucks. They figure there was more than one up at Laudring’s. Clyde Burke must have gotten that dope at headquarters.”

“Any instructions?” queried Cliff.

“Yes,” returned Harry. “We’re to leave here as soon as my coupe comes in. We’ll go to the Howland Garage and get the truck. But it’s to be done openly, so there’ll be no suspicion.”

“Where are we taking it?”

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“Up to Scranton, Pennsylvania, to deliver it to a garage there. The truck has been sold to some coal mining outfit. We’ll come back by train, tomorrow afternoon.”

“Won’t the garage wonder about the truck going out again? The Howland Garage, I mean?”

“No. That’s the neat part about it, Cliff. The Howland Garage has received a letter from the supposed owner of the truck, telling them to deliver it to Mr. Dyke, who will call, carrying the owner’s license.

Dyke is to take the truck to Scranton, where he will wire back after he arrives.”

“Back to the Howland Garage?”

“Yes. So the supposed owner—a Mr. Middleton—can call up the Howland Garage and learn if the truck reached Scranton safely.”


“And you’ll be Dyke. Is that it, Harry?”

“That’s it, Cliff. Give me those license cards that you used when you took the truck out last night.”

The Shadow Ebooks Maxwell Grant

Cliff grinned as he passed over the cards. The plan pleased him because of its openness. It would be Harry’s first visit to the Howland Garage. The people there would suspect nothing concerning a truck like this one. Nor would the police, should they learn of it.

The law would be looking for trucks that were secretly removed. This truck, its coming trip fully accounted for, would be passed by in the search. Particularly after the Howland Garage received a wire from “Dyke,” stating that he had delivered it in the proper Scranton garage.

WHILE Cliff still chuckled, the sound of a motor purred softly from beyond the door. Harry extinguished the light; the two went out into the storage room. Harry’s coupe had arrived; its driver had slid open the outer door without betraying noise.

Both agents saw the outline of the car in the darkness and guessed the identity of the driver who still sat within it.

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The Shadow Ebooks Maxwell Grant Scam