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I am excited to announce that Disciples Follow Jesus will be hosting an online viewing of The Truth Project! This 12 week series could possibly be life changing for you. I know when I first came across this content, it was for me.

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Lesson Guide Lesson 5 - Science: What is True? Introduction In this, our fifth worldview tour, we will head northwest, enter the cavern of nature, gaze upon the jewels of creation, and establish yet another important pillar in the Temple of Truth: Science. In the process, we will discover that whereas “the heavens declare the glory of God and the. 'The Truth Project is a small group video curriculum designed to build a systematic and comprehensive biblical worldview in the lives of believers. Each lesson looks at life from.


The Truth Project Lesson 3

I will be Live Streaming this on my Facebook Page on Wednesday nights from 7-8 PM CST during Fall 2020. I called Focus on the Family (who owns the license) and they are letting me keep it online for a week, which means you can view it any time up until 7 PM the following Wednesday night. You can invite friends and family to watch it. You’re also welcome to buy the study guide.

This is the type of thing you can set up your own Zoom group to discuss with your Bible study group. Just ask everyone to watch it sometime before the meeting and plan on 20-45 minutes of discussion. The schedule of the episodes is posted below. I’ll do my best to stay on schedule!

Truth Project Lesson 11 Pdf

  • Sept 2 Lesson 1 – Veritology: What is Truth? The Truth Project begins by defining truth as “that which corresponds to reality.” This absolute and eternal truth, at the heart of Jesus’ mission on earth, continues to be the focal point of the Cosmic Battle in our own time.
  • Sept 9 Lesson 2 – Philosophy and Ethics: Says Who? Truth is not simply an academic concept. The way we think about truth has a direct bearing upon the way we live our lives. What’s more, our understanding of right and wrong is directly dependent on our worldview: is the universe God’s creation or a closed cosmic cube
  • Sept 16 Lesson 3 – Anthropology: Who is Man? The Bible tells us that man was created in God’s image but fell from innocence through sin. Modern psychology, on the other hand, asserts that man is inherently good and behaves badly only under the influence of social or institutional pressure. This lesson explores the implications of both views.
  • Sept 23 Lesson 4 – Theology: Who is God? Eternal life, according to Jesus, is knowing God in an intimate, personal, and relational way. Such knowledge, which is possible only because of divine revelation, transforms us from the inside out as we begin to see ourselves in the light of His majesty and holiness.
  • Sept 30 Lesson 5 – Science: What is True? (Part 1) Science, the “systematic study of the natural world,” brings to light innumerable evidences of Intelligent Design. But Darwinian theory transforms science from the honest investigation of nature into a vehicle for propagating a godless philosophy.
  • Oct 7 Lesson 5 – Science: What is True? (Part 2) A careful examination of molecular biology and the fossil record demonstrates that evolution is not a “proven fact.” Meanwhile, history shows that ideas, including Darwinism as a social philosophy, have definite consequences that can turn ugly when God is left out of the picture.
  • Oct 14 Lesson 6 – History: Whose Story? Does the past have an objective actuality and significance? Or does it, as postmodernist philosophy asserts, exist primarily inside our heads? This tour considers the meaning of history as God’s story and shows us why remembering is so important.
  • Oct 21 Lesson 7 – Sociology: The Divine Imprint The order we observe in the natural realm is even more apparent in the social systems God has established: family, church, community, state, labor, and the union between God and man. Life is a series of relationships that flow out of and reflect the Trinitarian nature of the Creator.
  • Oct 28 Lesson 9 – The State: Whose Law? Of all the social spheres, the state, to which God grants the power of the sword for the punishment of evil and the preservation of the good, has the greatest potential to go awry if it oversteps its authority. The civil magistrate must always remember his place under the sovereignty of God – otherwise, havoc will ensue.Oct 28
  • Nov 04 Lesson 8 – Unio Mystica: Am I Alone? Is it possible for the infinite, eternal Creator to dwell within the heart of an individual? The implications of this great mystery, which represents the very core of the Christian faith, are explored at length in this examination of the most intimate of the social spheres.
  • Nov 11 Lesson 11 – Labor: Created to Create Contrary to a great deal of contemporary popular opinion, work is not a “curse.” God Himself is active and creative, and He calls man to share in the joy of His activity and creativity. Labor, economics, media, and the creative arts all have a role to play in magnifying the glory of the Creator.
  • Nov 18 Lesson 12 – Community and Involvement: God Cares, do I? The ethical law and the meaning of the Christian life are summed up in the commandment to love God and one’s neighbor. This command is the source of the believer’s motivation for self-sacrificial service to the needy and their personal involvement in our culture.
  • Special Episode: Nov 20 Lesson 10 – The American Experiment: Stepping Stones America is unique in the history of the world. On these shores a people holding to a biblical worldview have had an opportunity to set up a system of government designed to keep the state within its divinely ordained boundaries. Tour #10 follows the history of this experiment and explores what happens to freedom when God is forgotten.

Also, I am doing lesson 9 before 8. I think in light of the upcoming election, it is wise to remember the role of government. This isn’t a political ax to grind; just trying to be timely in bringing things into perspective.

The Truth Project Lessons Download

This will be offered free through my Facebook Page, so go ahead and Like the page and pick a time during the week to watch!