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  • Mar 17, 2021 To start a new TIDAL subscription on a free Plex account (or to add one to a Plex account that already has a Plex Pass subscription), you can visit our main TIDAL page. As part of the sign up process, you’ll get redirected to the TIDAL site to create an account there and confirm that you want to link/authorize Plex.
  • TIDAL offers two plans through PLEX. The Premium plan runs $10 per month for standard sound quality, and the HiFi subscription $20 per month for lossless sound quality. Both plans offer a 30-day free trial and PLEX PASS subscribers receive a $1 discount per month with either plan.
  • I currently run a ShieldTV running Tidal and Plex thru Kodi and works great. The Kodi add-on for Tidal(Use Tidal2 app) seems to sound better than the actually Google Play Store official app. Same with Plex as I could only get it too passthrough DTS-HD & Dolby TrueHD with Kodi add-on, which is an official app from Plex.

This brief guide will show you how to remove Tidal from the various navigation menus in Plex.


Add TIDAL Content to Your Plex Music Library; Enhance a Plex Music Library With TIDAL; Browse TIDAL Content in Plex; Recently Viewed. Purchasing a TIDAL subscription through Plex gives you access to TIDAL both in and outside of Plex. Do I need a Plex Pass to get TIDAL? No, regardless of which subscription you choose, you get access to all of TIDAL’s 60 million tracks, 250,000+ music videos, exclusive content, PLUS some super awesome audio features from Plex.

Tidal Plex Discount

Even though Tidal is a great service, I already have Spotify, Netflix, YouTube and Plex subscriptions and I can’t really justify yet another one. Since I don’t use Tidal, removing it from Plex helps keep things ‘tidy’. Kindle to pdf mac.

Tidal Artist Page

  1. Select the Settings icon in the upper-right corner of Plex.
  2. From the navigation menu on the left side of the screen, select the Online Media Sources link.
  3. Click the Edit link in the Tidal row.
  4. Choose Disabled from the pull-down menu and then click the Save Changes button.
  5. Now Tidal will be gone from the main navigation panel in Plex.
  6. And Tidal will also be gone from the pull-down list of media sources.
  7. Note: You can also repeat the above steps to remove the Web Shows, News and Podcast sections if you don’t use those either.

Plex Tidal Subscription

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