'tis The Season To Give Holiday Discounts

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PWA will also give holiday gift cards to individuals living with HIV and AIDS. Hosted by Regina Dane, the Christmas Show officially starts at 6:30 p.m. On December 13 at Tony’s Corner Pocket. Local drag performers Crystal Rae Lee Love and An’Marie Gill will perform at the event, while Amanda Anne Houston emcees. With the holiday shopping season underway, criminals are also gearing up to do a little ‘shopping’ of their own. The FBI reminds you to look out for scams designed to steal your money and personal information, especially while shopping online. When shopping online, make sure a site is secure and reputable before providing your credit card. 'Tis the Season to Give Holiday Discounts It's official, the holiday shopping season is upon us. According to the National Retail Federation, November is the month when the largest percentage of shoppers begin researching and purchasing holiday gifts. Give a gift that needs no packaging—an experience! Offer to take friends or family on a trip to a public land, or offer to pay the entrance fee for a national, state, or local park you know they would enjoy. Each year, an estimated 2.6 billion holiday cards are sold in the US, or enough to fill a football field 10 stories high.

My friend Vina Lustado asked me to share this great opportunity with you. Please share it with others if you choose.

Vina says: Well, I’ve been thinking a lot about how can I give to others, especially those in need during these challenging times. I don’t have a lot of financial resources right now (not easy being a small biz owner, as many entrepreneurs know), but I DO have other resources that may help… So here’s what I can offer: Rytmik cloud expansion download full.


Free two night’s stay in my little cabin in the woods near Yosemite. I take so much joy in giving the experience to be still and quiet in nature. Guests tell me the creek has magical powers! And Yosemite is so pretty in the snow – with no crowds! Learn more: www.airbnb.com/h/vinascabin

'tis The Season To Give Holiday Discounts 2019


Free one-hour consultation on living tiny. I have a plethora of knowledge on this subject. Need help designing a tiny home or small home? Confused about the legalities of tiny homes? Want to buy property to place a tiny home(s)? I have so much information to share! Learn more: www.vinastinyhouse.com/consult/

tis The Season To Give Holiday Discounts


Build your own tiny using one of my designs. I have three different ones to choose from Sol Haus (my own tiny house), Light Haus, and Sol Pod (my tiny office). Choose any for free! I love empowering others to build their own. Learn more: www.solhausdesign.com/tiny-house/

'tis The Season To Give Holiday Discounts On Amazon

Are you in need who can benefit from any of the above? Or do you know someone else in need? Here are the details:

'tis The Season To Give Holiday Discounts 2020

  1. Please email me at [email protected] with your contact info (or who you’re nominating) and WHY. Please try to keep it to 500 words max.
  2. Or send a DM video to my Facebook page Sol Haus Design
  3. The deadline to receive email or video is December 20th.

Should you or your nominee be chosen, I will contact you directly to coordinate details on sending your gift. – Vina