Tomodachi Life Quiz

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  • THE BIG QUIZZZ sur Tomodachi life: Connaissez vous bien ce jeu? Build free Mind Maps, Flashcards, Quizzes and Notes Create, discover and share resources.
  • Tomodachi Collection, literally means 'Friend Collection', is a life simulation video game that was released for the Nintendo DS (NDS) gaming console initially in 2009, and later had a sequel called Tomodachi Life. In this game, there is no clear goal except to make friends with other Miis.
  • This blog describes my crazy adventures in Tomodachi Life, a bizarre simulation game for Nintendo 3DS. It is available now. Check out my Tomodachi Life review, scan QR codes, or buy Tomodachi Life at Amazon. Entry 27: Shadow Quiz Gripe I forgot to mention it last time, but I found out that meatballs are Mr. Saturn's all-time favorite food.

Do you know what personality you have in Tomodachi Life? NO?! You gotta know that! Take this quiz to find out What category of personality you have in Tomodachi Life.

So, what do you think you are? Easygoing, who are humble and kind no matter the scenario? Outgoing, who aren't the smartest but makes new friends easily due to popularity? Independent, who have an artistic side and are somewhat sassy and clever? Or Confident, who do anything at their own risk no matter the consequences? Be honest! Long a silent ethird grade james tes.


Tomodachi Life Personality Chart

Created by: Toby

Tomodachi Life Personality Quiz

Quiz introduction This quiz is the same as the personality test found in Tomodachi Life (3DS). The results each have an MBTI equivalent, but they often don't match up with your actual MBTI. For Tomodachi Life on the 3DS, a GameFAQs Q&A question titled 'How many Miis can be in the game, and can a Mii under 18 get married?'