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Total Annihilation Kingdoms Downloadeleasysite

Setups Features:

In my darkest dreams I still hear them.Squawking. Shrieking.If you're feeling masochistic or just curiousof how far the path of progress has taken. Total Annihilation: Kingdoms. Total Annihilation morphs into WarCraft. When Cavedog Entertainment released Total Annihilation toward the end of 1997, the world of real-time strategy was changed forever. With more than 200 units and buildings and its sharp 3D graphics, Total Annihilation left its mark in a way that few games do. The Titan is a level 2 bomber aircraft that drops torpedoes rather than normal bombs, and so can only be used against ships and underwater units. The torpedoes will be dropped from quite a distance before landing into the water and gliding towards the target; as such, the Titan can only operate well in deep and open water bodies where there's enough room. It can also attack underwater units.

- Several Languages Supported.

- You can choose which language you would like to your TA:K be translated to. (English, Français, Italiano, Deutsch or Español) ;D

- Uses DirectX 3D Render and Desktop Resolution as default.

- Complete uninstaller. (it doesn't leave any files in folder, also you can choose if you would delete registry TA:K things for complete uninstall)

- Installer completely custom. (you can choose if you would like to create icons, start menu folder, what components you would like to install, where to install, etc.)

- Added KingNoCd.exe file and a shortcut to it called 'Play TA Kingdoms No-CD'. * Also allows Multiplayer without CD

- Nice pictures in setup. xD

- You can select wheter you want download or not the campaign movies in Compact Setup.

Version History:


Version 1.3

- Updated ReadMe.

- Keys.tdf now includes MoveFight command.

- Setup will ask if you want to overwrite Keys.tdf.

- Compact Setup now extracts cutscenes automatically now (it asks if you want to keep compressed .rar files you downloaded).

- Made language and code clearer.

- Fixed minor bugs.

Version 1.2

- Updated KingNoCD, the other didn't work properly.

- Changed vocabulary, 'Campaigns' Movies' to 'Campaigns' Cutscenes'.

- In both setups you won't be able to disable 4.1bb version anymore because when you removed, TA:K went 1.0 and wouldn't work properly.

Version 1.1

- Fixed download links, added copy download link as main and dropbox as mirror, so you shouldn't have problems downloading campaign movies.

- Updated some minor things such as my nick (DeeKay).

Version 1.02

Total Annihilation Kingdoms Controls

- You now can choose which language you would like to your TA:K be translated to. (English, Français, Italiano, Deutsch or Español) ;D

Version 1

- Released.

As one of the all-time classic strategy games, Total Annihilation is always a game that I am very excited to talk about. Originally released in 1997, even 20 plus years later this is a fantastic strategy game to play, especially if you love your strategy games to have an awesome sci-fi setting to them.

International qq for mac

Core vs Arm!

The story of Total Annihilation is pretty awesome and surprisingly deep for a game originally released back in 1997. The game is set in the far future and there are two warring factions, The Core and the Arm. The Core decided that everyone turning into robots was a good idea and the Arm did not…. Even though the Arm use robots.

The conflict between the two is pretty awesome and the story is better than I am describing here. The game actually has a really cool intro that gets you pretty pumped up for the conflict between the two. The fact that Total Annihilation looks amazing does also help drive home how awesome the story is. For a game from 1997, Total Annihilation has held up very, very well.

Simple, But Fun

What I really like about this game and what has kept me coming back to it all these years later is the gameplay. It is one of those games that is very, very easy to get into. It teaches you very quickly about what you can do, what units you need to use, how to gather resources and so on. It teaches you all of the basics very quickly and then from that you can start to develop your own strategies when it comes to the actual battles.

The number of units that you can build in Total Annihilation is just staggering. There are the basic cannon fodder robots, but you can build ships, planes, towers, tanks and more! Total Annihilation has an extra element of strategy in that the terrain can also affect the battle. There is a nice selection of maps and this can greatly alter the kind of battle you will have. For example, if a map has lots of slopes on it, unless your tank, for example, is all-terrain, it will not be able to go up it. Things like this really keep you on your toes and force you to keep gathering resources so you can improve your army.

Free Total Annihilation

The campaign is a great deal of fun. You also have a skirmish mode that lets you tinker with various things such as difficulty. This is a great way to learn how to get better at the game. there is also a multiplayer aspect of the game too, but I am not entirely sure how the servers are for this game these days so that is something to keep in mind.

The 90s was a real golden age for RTS games and I would actually put Total Annihilation close to the top of the list. It would certainly make my top 10 of all time! That is how much fun this game is. Even for a game from the 90s, the presentation has actually aged really well. Add to that the fact that the gameplay is easy to get to grips with, but very in-depth and you have a truly awesome RTS game.


  • Tons of units to make use of
  • The game eases you in very well
  • Hours and hours of fun to be had
  • The story is pretty awesome
  • The graphics still look good


  • Not sure what the online aspect of the game is like now
  • It can get very addictive

Cavedog Total Annihilation Kingdoms Download

Overall rating: 9