Ubuntu Dmg

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Right now Ubuntu only comes with dmg2img version 1.6.2 and version 1.6.4 sometimes makes a difference. Also you can extract specific partitions from a dmg and only some of them are hfs+. DMG images are typically a kind of Universal Disk Image Format (UDIF), although there are others, namely NDIF and SPARSE. Although the.dmg file extension is usually used, they can also sometimes have an.img extension, or in some cases no extension at all. Their MIME type is application/x-apple-diskimage.

Ubuntu dmg2img

I'm trying to install a .dmg file to ubuntu 14.04
I was trying to following
eHow Link

And a couple of other threads on askubuntu.

Ubuntu Dmg2iso

The problem i'm facing are so :

  1. In the eHow they use something called dmg2dmg. Ubuntu seems to have dmg2img. So I used that instead.
  2. After I create the .img file, I try to create a data disk using the .img in brasero. It gives me error saying unsupported format. What am I doing wrong?

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  3. If I ignore step 2 and just rename .img file to .iso

Ubuntu Dmg File

I'm able to mount iso and open the files/folders.

However how to install the .dmg ?? How to install it as an application ???