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  1. Unimog U400 v1.0.0.4 (4,50/5 - 2 votes) - rated. Landwirtschafts Simulator 19. Traktoren › Mercedes Benz. GR Mokrzyn FS19 (3,76/5 - 21 votes) - rated.
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New FarmingSimulator 19 mod: The Mercedes Benz Unimog U1200, U1400, and U1600 trucks,converted and modified by the FBM Team. (See below for full credits.)

The Unimog made its Farming Simulator debut back in 2013 when it entered Giants’ mod contest. It was the BM Modding team that made it (led by MadMax,which I believe is a Giants employee now.)

The interior and the truck overall look very nice. Den Huan DLC Fuel Stations Game Stats GAZ IMPORTANT Installation Move Intelligence Points KAMAZ KRAZ Loading Points Map Size MAZ Mod Pack MudRunner MZKT Pavel Zagrebelny PC Peterbilt PRADO PS RUS Russia Sergey Pasichnik Spintires Spintires: MudRunner Spin Tires Mudrunner Spintires Version ST Summer Graphics Remastered SUV SVE Timber.

Now, the FBM Team has reintroduced the truck to FS19.

Fs19 Unimog Pack

The Real-World Unimogs

MercedesBenz’s Unimog is a versatile truck. Several armed forces use it. It’s also helpingfire departments, the police, railroad maintenance crews, and mining companies,for example.

And yes, farmersall over the world use it to plow, cultivate, sow, harvest, and haul, as well.

Just take a look at this video:

Unimog In-Game Features

Colors – Most of the color options are real-world,Unimog colors. You can paint the body, the rims, the dump box cover, and theflatbed.

Wheels – There are 23 wheel and rims optionsin the shop from Trelleborg, Nokian, and Mercedes Benz.

Audio – You can select gearshift sound inthe shop. Or not.

Design options – You have customization optionsfor the beacon lights, the exhaust pipes, a sun-shield, a roof rack, and horns.You can put extra lights and air conditioning on the roof too.

It’s alsopossible to add a 3-point hitch to the front of the Unimog.

Load Configurations

The Unimogmod comes with seven options for the bed. You can add several types of sidewallsto it, perfect for transporting small amounts of grain. When you do, you havethe following tipping options: Side tipping to both left and right or emptyingit via the tailgate.

Sophos xg firewall 18 mr1. There’salso a bale transport configuration available (no Autoload) and a coupleof variants where a part of the floor is removed, making it possible to attacha wide variety of implements to the rear of the Unimog.

You’ll findweights for the truck in the Tools Weights category. The weights needto be manually loaded onto the bed, then strapped down with tension belts.


The Unimoghas a lot of animations. Inside the cab, things like pedals and dashboardgauges move. Much of the dashboard also illuminates when you turn on the lights.

Unimog Fs19 Vehicle

If you install the Simple IC mod(must be at least version, you can control doors, windows, the roof hatch, and the cab light.

FS19 Unimog Mod Specs

Unimog Fs19

Hats off tothe incredible FBM Team for making a superb FS19 version of the Unimog. It’s firs-classmodding all the way. It looks incredible and functions like a dream. I’mparticularly impressed with all the features that we are allowed to customize.

  • Brand: Mercedes Benz Unimog.
  • Credits: BM-Modding (original model,) The FBM-Team, led by PeterAH (FS19 conversion,) Puma, WolfIQ, Oldenfarm, Hunter4987, Bremi456, and sNiksnak (modeling and in-gaming,) Bremi456 (AC,) Maxter (front hydraulics,) and Ifko[nator] (scripts.)
  • Category: Trucks.
  • Baseprice: 26,400.
  • Engineconfigurations: 6.
  • Powerrange: 125 to 241 horsepower.
  • Topspeed: 80 kilometers per hour 50 miles per hour.
  • Selectablecolors: Yes.
  • Selectablewheels: Yes.
  • Wheelbrands: Trelleborg and Nokian.
  • Errors: No.
  • Platforms: PC and Mac.

How to Download

The FBM team has made the Unimog available for download over at Filehorst. Click the blue button to get to the download page.

Unimog Fs19 Xl

We always use the modder's original download link when possible. Please let us know if there's a problem with the link. P.S. How to stay safe while downloading mods outsrefe Giants’ Modhub.