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Instead, the term more narrowly refers to hard-core video game fans, who skew young and male. In the words of Leigh Alexander at Gamasutra, it was through catering to this group that video games came to overemphasize guns, women, and money. With the industry expanding its horizons, some 'gamers' felt left behind in a world that has started to. Our video chat platform is one of the fastest and most reliable online, capable of connecting hundreds of thousands of people from around the world at the same time. This allows you to meet hundreds of potential matches in a single session, far more than any traditional speed dating event! Innovation at Every Step.

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Chat and rate is a video chat roulette website, where you can talk to strangers using a webcam. After each conversation you can rate the person you talked to, on a scale 1-5. Ratings are used to match people.
Chat and rate is completely free. No registration required, no ads, no gimmicks. Allow the flash application to access your camera, and immediately enjoy the conversations with strangers.
Prepare yourself for an unusual experience. Meet over a video call people of different cultures, from many countries, and do it without even leaving your home. Chat and rate is an exceptional type of application that lets better appreciate the beautiful world we live in. The best thing in the world are other people, and the best life lessons are those received from other cultures.
Why not use your webcam right now to talk with people?
The videochat website is very simple to use. After the Flash application starts, simply click 'New', and, after a while of waiting, a video calling connection will begin with another person that clicked 'New' on their computer. At any time you can interrupt the conversation by clicking 'Disconnect'.
The best time to use the service is 16:00-23:00 GMT (London time). During those hours most users are using the video chat, the waiting time is the shortest, and the matching algorithm can choose the best person to talk with from the biggest group of waiting users.
After each conversation you can rate the person you talked to, on a scale 1-5. Ratings are hidden, and no one sees them. The ratings are used by the automatic algorithm to match people.
Chat and rate is better than alternative chat roulette websites, because it does not connect people at random, but the matching is performed by a sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithm, that utilizes to the maximum extent the user ratings. Try out Chat and rate, and you will notice the difference immediately. The people that you will meet here will be more kind, and you will have fewer unpleasant experiences than in typical chat roulette websites. This is thanks to the built-in automatic matching and filtering algorithm, that uses the ratings given by users to each other.
The more people you rate, the better the algorithm learns your preferences and what you want to avoid. The more people you rate, the better the algorithm becomes in choosing the right people to talk with you. The artificial intelligence algorithm guesses who likes to talk with whom, and who prefers to avoid whom. The algorithm attempts to figure it out even before two people talked for the first time. This can be a true revolution among chat roulette applications.
Chat and rate is a peer-to-peer live chat video with privacy. Nobody spies on the video conversations. The video and audio stream, using the Flash RTMP technology, is transmitted directly from your camera to the browser of the other person.
I strive to create a possibly highest quality cam chat website. Feedback and suggestions how to improve the application can be sent to the following e-mail address.