WidsMob Viewer Pro 1.2.1018 Crack Mac Osx

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WidsMob Viewer is incredibly fast and responsive. It has simple control panel and lots of shortcuts for browsing, editing and more. This photo viewer offers me stunning effects with simple editing tools so I can adjust my image into a more attractive style and share to my friends. WidsMob Viewer Pro 1.2.1018 How to view photos and videos taken with camcorder or smartphone with ease? When you view the multimedia files of camcorder on Mac, you have to use different programs to view files in different formats. Moreover you might need file converter to transcode the files beforehand.

WidsMob Viewer Pro Mac cracked version – WidsMob Viewer Pro is a photo viewing application. When you have hundreds of photos, you can either add one image or the whole folder to WidsMob Viewer to preview all images. Even if you need to view photos in different folders, you can use the library mode

WidsMob Viewer Pro The application has advanced algorithm to view photos in a super fast speed. Besides common photo formats, WidsMob Viewer also supports most of the popular RAW formats. It is able to load RAW files from SD card or external drive. It also enables you to turn RAW files into JPG, PNG and other photo formats

Widsmob Viewer Pro 1.2.1018 Crack Mac Osx Download

Main features:
  • View all photos in one folder in Viewing mode
  • Check photos from different folders in Library mode
  • Enjoy photos in full screen with Slideshow mode
  • Get desired photos in the Favorite mode or check detailed information in EXIF mode.

You can always find a different method to view your photos for a different purpose. Whether you need to adjust the parameters for photos, or apply photos effects, you can find multiple editing features available from the user interface. What is more, you can also crop, flip, rotate, delete, and even use batching process to edit photos with ease. Press Control and drag the photo to desktop or any folder you want.


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WidsMob Viewer Pro 1.2.1018 Crack Mac Osx

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