Yoshi's Island 64

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While making Super Mario 64, another team at Nintendo was working on Yoshi's Story, which in its earliest form was known as Yoshi's Island 64. All of the Yoshis from Yoshi's Story. Yoshi's Story was the first game that gave Yoshi a voice, which was done by Kazumi Totaka, a famous Nintendo composer and the director of Wii Music (as well as the. The beta version of Yoshi’s Island 64 (later called Yoshi’s Story) has some graphic differences, various minor changes in the level design and a removed “underground” level. This beta level had a black background, water and giant mushrooms, as well as some enemies that are bigger than the ones in the final game.

The sequel to Super Mario World takes place in Mario's past, but thankfully it still used modern-day technology. Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island was the first and only Mario game to use the Super FX2 graphics chip. With this chip, Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuka created a new programming technique: Morphmation. Enemies (especially the bosses) grow, shrink, rotate, morph, and sometimes take up the entire screen! The cartridge's modest 16mbits of memory allowed for over 100 different enemies ravaging 54 levels. In terms of level size, this is the biggest Mario game we'll see for a while..

Kamek, a magikoopa, prophesied that twins born this morning would bring ruin to the Koopa family. And as he predicted, that very morning a stork is delivering a pair of twins to their parents. Kamek grabs his broom and heads off to catch the stork in mid-flight. His plan is simple: Ambush the stork and kidnap the babies. But Kamek only grabs one, and the other baby falls to the island below.

Baby Mario lands safely on Yoshi's Island. The Yoshies find Mario, along with a map that leads to his parents' house. Using a relay system, the Yoshies must work together to reunite baby Mario with his brother, and make sure the twins get home safely.

At first glance, SMW2 looks like your average Mario platform game. Except this time, you control the very resourceful Yoshi. He can now throw eggs, pound the ground, ski, and morph into various vehicles. Baby Mario rides on Yoshi's back during the entire game. If Yoshi touches an enemy or spike, Baby Mario gets thrown off of Yoshi, and floats around in a bubble. If Yoshi can't reclaim him before the Countdown Timer reaches zero, Kamek's Toadies snatch Baby Mario away and you'll lose a life. The Countdown Timer resets at 10 seconds for each level, but can be raised to a maximum 30 seconds by collecting Stars and going through 'middle rings.'

Collecting five Flowers, 20 Red Coins, and 30 Stars in one level will give you 100 points, or 100% for that level. Flowers are 10 points each, Red Coins one point each, and Stars (which is actually how many seconds were left on your Countdown Timer) one point each. Getting 100% for each of the eight levels in a World will open up an Extra stage for that World. If you can get 100% in all 6 Extra stages, consider yourself an advanced player.


Outside references

Dr. Feelgood
The name of the snowman character 'Dr. Freezegood' is either a homage to the British punk band 'Dr. Feelgood' or the Mötley Crüe single of the same name. Dr. Feelgood is also a nickname given to physicians who overprescribe psychoactive medications.

Hootie & the Blowfish
The name of the enemy 'Hootie the Blue Fish' is a parody on the name of this rock band.

John Garner
The 'Cactus Jack' enemy shares the nickname of this famous American politician and 32nd US Vice President.

Yoshi Island Ds Rom

Loch Ness
The name of the fish enemy 'Loch Nestor' is a pun on the name of this infamous Scottish lake.

  • Genre: action
  • Players: 1
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Developer: Nintendo

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Mario, Mario - where fore art thou, Mario? With the Ultra 64 only a few months away, the era of the Super NES is almost over and we've still only seen one 16-bit Mario game. I tell ya, it really makes my blood boil. That's why it's so cool to see Yoshii's Island: Super Mario World 2 make it out before the Super NES fades away. Update mail setting on mac for nycdoe email. The game may not actually have Mario in it, but you can feel his touch in every aspect of the gameplay.

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The graphics are very reminiscent of Super Mario World - resembling it perhaps too closely. SMW was the first game ever for the Super NES, and 16-bit graphics (especially Nintendo's) have come a long way since then. Fortunately, the gameplay is solid throughout. As Yoshi, Mario's dino-buddy from SMW, it's your job to return a lost baby to its home. The quirky, cutesy puzzle-laden action that earned Mario the big bucks is present in every inch of every stage, with new enemies and play mechanics thrown in to spice up the mix.

Still, Yoshi's Island could've been done better. It doesn't really need rendered graphics, just more time put into a project that Nintendo clearly didn't have faith in (they almost didn't bring it to our shores). Hopefully Nintendo is gonna concentrate on these types of games more in the future. They may not appeal to the 'blood 'n' gore' audience that the company has worked so hard to win over, but there's always a place in gamers' hearts for a fun, well-made game. And Nintendo - please don't skimp on the Ultra 64 Mario. We've been patent for way too long.

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Overall rating: 8